What Does Beauty Mean to Priscilla?



Beauty is a complex term, difficult to define, and strongly misinterpreted.

Beauty is seen differently from eye to eye, but beauty is not only seen. It can be shared and felt because beauty is not only an image.

I believe we each define our own beauty, our body is our own personal canvas. We decide what we want to wear, what color our hair is, what our mood is, and who we want to be.


If beauty was able to have one definition, one exact image, one exact personality then it would not be beauty. Beauty is unique to things can not be beautiful in the same way because no two things are the same.

Beauty is all around us, we just need to take the time to look at it and embrace it. Rather than looking for the perfect silicon barbie, stop and look at what makes each individual different from the rest, that’s beauty.

Rather than looking for the perfect rose, look for the wildflowers. Stop looking for “normality,” or “trends.”

Because truth be told, beauty is not normal..

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