What “beauty” means to Michelle…


My idea of beauty has evolved tremendously over the years. I remember growing up thinking that beauty was simply something you could see and touch or feel. A cute boy, a new dress, a great body, perfect long, thick, wavy hair. And of course love.Things to desire and obtain. The problem with this is that often these things are not obtainable…and if you are lucky enough to get them, they almost never last. The boy dumps you, the dress goes out of style, the body sags and scars, and the hair grays, thins, and may never hold that curl that you burned your forehead and deleted part of the ozone in trying to obtain. And what about love? Sure, in its greatest form it can be considered beautiful. But it can also be messy, painful, dangerous, and end in 10 pounds and puffy eyes.

I can now see and define beauty in Creation. The act combining thoughts, care, passion, materials, ideas, emotions into something significant. It is not the thing, but the process that is beautiful. Gods creation of a sunset, a photographers finding just the right moment and light, forming a lump of mud into a vessel to hold flowers or coffee, giving life to a child, making a piece of jewelry knowing it will give a smile. Creation is full of possibilities. Creation is filled with trials, learning moments, success, disappointment, all of those things that very single person experiences. And the creation of love? It is about giving, accepting, working through the hard stuff, not giving up, being vulnerable, sharing ideas, emotions, and experiences. Supporting and fighting for those you hold dear. It is the creation of friendships, partnerships and bonds that carry us through this world until the end. To me, this is beauty, and it is never-ending. 🙂

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