Fall is Here!


The leaves are changing, the temperature (other than this weekend) is getting colder, and the boots are coming out!


My favorite season of the year is here, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Out of all the seasons, I believe that fall is the most beautiful. The irony of the changing of the leaves to the beautiful reds and oranges only lets us see their true beauty right before they fall off for the cold winter.


Not only that, but fall is the perfect mixture of cool and warm weather. Sweaters with light jackets are an ultimate go to for myself along with, well, every other girl. 

Fall is definitely the perfect weather for sweaters. Sweaters, and boots. Boots and sweaters. Perfection. 

Fall is also the season of PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Don’t lie. You love the smell, taste, and overall feeling you get when you are around anything pumpkin. I enjoy pumpkin muffins, pies, donuts, coffee, candles, and so much more. You name it, I love it. 

Come on people, how can you not love the colors of fall. One day I want to walk down a quiet abandoned road, surrounding by trees, and just take in the beauty that is mother nature. Fall is so peaceful. And who doesn’t love jumping in a nice HUGE leaf pile. Its a great opportunity for you to act like a kid again. 


Don’t forget that one of the best holidays is in the fall. Halloween is the perfect time for you to be anybody, or anything you want without worrying what people think about you. Its a time where eating too much candy, and running around trick-or-treating, even if you are too old, is much necessary. 


Who loves a good fire? Back home we have this awesome fire place where we crowd around and roast marshmallows all night long. 





Boy do I love me some turkey and mashed potatoes. I love when my family can get together and do the things that we love the most. EAT food. 

Above that, its not just about the food, its a time when we all can really be there, and enjoy each others company. We can finally forget about the troubles and stress of reality, and be care free. The only stress I feel is being too full and struggling a bit 😉 

If this doesn’t sell you on loving fall the most, then I don’t know what will. Fall is beautiful, peaceful, fun, happy. It is all the above. It is everything that I could ask for in a season, and so much more. Fall is my happy place. 

Flashback Friday!


Today when I woke up I turned on the TV and saw that The Wizard of Oz was on!

When I was a little girl this was my favorite movie. I would dress up like Dorothy any chance I got. I loved the movie because of the theatrical singing as it went on. “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” was my all time favorite song and I would sing it throughout my house, like I was a part of the movie. One talent show back in elementary school I got dressed up like Dorothy, with my basket with Toto in it, went out on stage and sang my little heart out.

My parents told me that there wasn’t a dry eye in the place, and that I stole the show. I obviously knew that wasn’t the truth but it was nice to feel like a star for the night. People would come up and ask for my autograph and I just thought I was the coolest thing.

I had Wizard of OZ everything. Notebooks, shoes, wallets, clothes. I was a fanatic. I still, at age 21, go into my old journal and read about how much I wanted to be Dorothy. That movie will always remind me of what childhood was like for me. Days like today I wish I could go back and be that little superstar again, living with no cares in the world.

If only there were a yellow brick road in good ole’ Wilkes Barre!



Its Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday and that means it is HUMP DAY! Hump day meaning..you are finally halfway through the week and getting closer to the weekend! Wednesday’s are awesome for me here at Wilkes because I usually have a pretty low key day in terms of work load and places to be. I get up and go to my hour and forty five minute ceramics class, and then a couple hours later I head to my feature writing class. Both of these classes, although very different, are probably my two favorite classes this semester.

Ceramics allows me to get dirty and get creative with my hands while feature writing gives me the chance to get my thoughts out on paper. There are so many times that I find myself with so many ideas, but I never want to say them aloud. Instead, I write them down on paper, or on this blog, because it gives me a sense of protection from other peoples thoughts.

Wednesdays always give me a little hope for the remainder of the week. I know that once Wednesday comes, I will be able to push through the rest of the days. I got this far so what is stopping me?


Bring it on Thursday because I cannot wait for Friday to get here!

Are Cell Phones Bad For You?


This morning I woke up to my cell phone alarm going off right in my face. My cell phone was connected to my charger which was connected to my computer..which was also, very close to my face.

I thought to myself, it probably is really unhealthy that I am so close to things like my cell phone and computer throughout all hours of the night. Then I looked into it and found that the amount of radiation in our phones should be lowered because it is exposing us to way too much of it.

Maybe it is not that the radiation levels in our phones need to be lowered, but that we need to stop being on them at all hours of the day. Now, I understand working and having your phone on you. But having it right next to you while you are sleeping at night could cause health problems in the long run.

Not only that, but cell phones and media have caused many relationships to have issues. Is a cell phone truly the only way that we can maintain relationships now a days? So much that when you come face to face with a person and you do not know what to talk about.

If it weren’t for social media, cell phones, and technology, many people would not have the pleasure of ever meeting, so it does go to show that they are important in some ways. On the other hand, when cell phones take up any conversation you can possibly had, thats when you know there is something wrong.

Speaking from personal experience, I constantly find myself buried in my phone and the people around me get very angry. I have grown up in the age of technology and sometimes its the most casual thing that I can fall back on. I pull my phone out during awkward conversations, I pull it out to get through a class, and I pull it out to type in a question on google, because lord knows I cannot actually ask a real human being.

We have become so used to technology that we have forgotten what real life communication is. I believe that, yes, cell phones and media, have really come a long way and it shows lots of promise for the future. But, in the future will we just be a bunch of robots who are charged every night?

If you think you sound like a broken record…


Okay darlings… If you think you sound like a broken record just change your song.

I can not tell you how many times I have heard this statement from women and myself,  I think it is just our instinct to try to show the crazy male that they are wrong, insensitive or just a tool.  If you find that you are continually  trying to sell the same old thing, then maybe it is time for you to change your thinking.

First of all, you should never be with anyone that drives you that crazy or maybe you should? It is your call, your life.  Maybe that is what keeps you together. The strong pull of indifference. If you choose to stay with someone who you feel does not understand where you are coming from, then change your thinking, play a different song. SHOCK them by being different, someone new. Sometimes, we all need a checkup of our usual patterns and sometimes that is what keeps us where we are in life. I think a little crazy is good. Take a chance, step outside of that nice box you have made for yourself…

For me, I want to be a person that is understanding of others needs but sometimes I can not get past myself and what I want to change. I have made a pack with my inner most sacred being to try to not be so predictable. I want to play a new song and dance.

The great laws of physics and chemistry dictate who you are attracted to, who you love and what you do to sustain the friendship, relationship or just a sheer acquaintance. I find that if you have the same old, same old in life it is just mundane and everyday. Something void in you that keeps you searching. We all have that instinct to fight for what we believe in, love, the needy or just righting a wrong. I happen to be the person that will go to the ends of the earth for what I believe in, a lioness mother protecting her cubs or just standing up for what I think it right. I actually get into a lot of trouble because usually,  I do not think before I speak. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and say whatever I feel when I feel it. I am salty at times and I do not apologize for that, it is me. Be true to yourself and follow your instincts, most of the time they lead you where you need to be. That inner voice is your conscious and loves you. Be true to it and yourself but just try to change it up. Look for the good in the ugly, the silver lining or just stare at the stars one night to let you see how big your universe really is.

Dream big and follow your endless possibilities but try not to stay in your usual comfort zone… Be kind and loving always, be crazy but not to crazy, need but not needy, love endlessly. That is truly the only thing that really counts. Just change your song and stop being a broken record.



What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? I feel like the embarrassing moments in our lives are truly the most important and memorable things that could ever happen to us. How did you react to that embarrassing moment? Did you crawl into a ball in the dark and hide from the fear of being laughed at..or even worse..laughing at yourself? Here are short and sweet words of wisdom…NOBODY CARES… so why should you?

You trip and fall in front of your crush…stand up, laugh at yourself, and keep on flirting! He will probably laugh, but in 5 minutes he will be thinking about something else. In my opinion, the quirkiest people are the most adorable.

One time my boyfriend and I were walking down the front steps of his house at school. The coupled of days before that it had been snowing like crazy, and it was very icy outside. We were joking around in our normal fashion when WHAM! Down he went, on the ground. The cold, wet, snowy ground.

Instead of getting stand offish and all embarrassed he cracked up at himself like the dork that he is. I didn’t tell him this, but i really loved that moment. He took something that could have been really embarrassing and turned it into a great story to tell our friends.

Thats the things. Laughter is so beautiful. Embarrassing moments are made for laughter.

Truth be told, everyone has been through at least one embarrassing moment. Even movie stars.

Who reading this post remembers when Jennifer Lawrence face planted before she even made it on the stage to accept her award at the 2013 Oscars? As well as winning best actress, she should have won “best fall” because she owned every single second of it. That is why so many people adore her. Because she can turn a truly embarrassing moment, in front of millions of people, into more of a reason to love her.

Seeeeee….even Jennifer Lawrence, who so many people look up to for her flawless beauty has some questionable and hilarious moments. But she has remained to rock them.

Own those embarrassing moments people, that is all I ask.

We all deserve a good laugh!

When Penn State Wins, You Win!


Wanna know something really awesome?

When Penn State football wins a game, all the Dunkin Donuts fans win too. Free coffee every game winner.

Dunkin Donuts of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania has formed a new partnership with Penn State athletics as the “preferred” coffee  of the Nittany Lions.

The Nittany Lions run on Dunkin!

The ultimate tailgate package that is provided at many different dunkin donuts around the region include Penn State themed hot and iced beverages cups, donut boxes, a themed Box-O-Joe, the official Penn State Pride Donut, and Penn State themed gift cards.

On top of that, Dunkin has created a game related program for the fans, where when Penn State wins, each fan can download the app, and go to the nearest Dunkin and get a free medium hot or iced coffee!

Fans can download the app here!


For more information go to http://www.DunkinDonuts.com and


Today I woke up in the morning and I got my free iced coffee… I run on Dunkin:)

Out of the Darkness


Today I had the pleasure of participating in an “Out of the Darkness” walk near my college. One of my close friends, Morgan, lost her brother to suicide, and she put together a team to help raise money and awareness for it.

Suicide claimed 39, 518 lives in 2011 in the United States alone. Someone dies by suicide every 13.3 minutes.

last pic

By participating in walks such as the Out of the Darkness walk, you are joining efforts with people nationwide in hopes to raise money for AFSP’s research and education programs to prevent suicide and save lives.

Not only do these walks help people to spread awareness about depression and suicide, but it helps to comfort those who have been impacted.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention  is a non-profit agency that works to prevent suicide all over.

Their mission statement reads: 

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), which began in 1987, is the leading national not-for-profit organization exclusively dedicated to understanding and preventing suicide through research, education and advocacy, and to reaching out to people with mental disorders and those impacted by suicide. 

To fully achieve their mission, AFSP raises money to fund scientific research, provide educational programs, educate the public, and promote policies that impact suicide and prevention. When I arrived to the walk with my friend, I was not surprised to see how many people showed up for Morgan and her family. Morgan participated in a lot of different groups throughout Wilkes, but she is also loved by many. Lots of her friends showed up to support the cause. Not only that, but many of Morgans brothers friends showed up. You could tell that so many people loved him.


As I walked through the crowd, I felt so much love from everyone. So many stories were shared, and I could tell that Morgan’s brother was really something special. I know that I didn’t directly know him, but he must have been pretty wonderful.


I woke up today concerned that the weather was not going to be so great, and that people would be bundled up for this walk. I put on my layers and prepared myself for the cold. But as I walked over to the pavilion where the sign up table was, the sun came out! It turned into a really beautiful day, and I thank Morgan’s brother for that.

I learned a lot from today. Not only did I learn about the organization, but I learned how much Morgan’s family loves one another, as well as those around them. I continue to keep them in my thoughts each day.

I hope that you guys can take some time to donate to AFSP in hopes that research and prevention can grow.




Our last day in London and this could have been our last picture on this earth…

My sister Shelly is laughing, you know that nervous laugh, I am saying the Lord’s Prayer out loud and Jessica is screaming hysterically. This was the second flight of nine flights we would take in the next 14 days.

The skies are dark, very dark almost evil and the wind is howling like a nightmare in your dreams. The plane is shaking from side to side as we are taking off. The creeks of metal clashing together, the twin little girls are talking to their Mom in the seats in front of us and all I kept thinking, should we be taking off in this weather? We finally get airborne for this 30-minute flight from London to Paris and it was the most frightening event of my life. I have flown in rough weather but nothing like this. The plane was literally bouncing through the air and when I mean bounce, I am talking about up and down, side to side with dramatic plunges. The plane was silent for the first 10 minutes and then you start to see people look around, hold hands and whispers of “oh man, this is it”!

Frightened and starting to panic we are going to crash and drown in the English Channel, I do the only thing that flashes through my mind. If I pray hard enough it will all go away. Shelly is in the seat in front of me and she turns and looks at me through the crack in the seat. It is going to be okay Laurie, relax. My reply is “holy crap balls, we are going down”! She starts to laugh her little laugh that she does when she gets nervous and all I can see is the iconic airplane scene in “Almost Famous”! Seriously, that is what I envisioned…  Jessica is now in full hysterics and I am praying out loud at this point. The whole plane is silent at moments and then when we plunge, the screaming begins again.

After 20 minutes, the Captain comes on and is trying to reassure everyone that we will be fine and to just hold on and brace yourselves. In my mind, that definitely means, get ready to crash. They have said your life flashes before your eyes in moments where you know life is dangerously close to being lost. It really does happen that way and finally I was at peace with it all and I turned to Jessica and said, “I love you”.

This was our whirlwind trip to celebrate her graduation from College and also a trip of a lifetime. We were jet setters traveling Europe, a trip for her to really apply the different cultures for her new career in Interior Design. Something she had dreamed of. Something to hold dear for the rest of her life. Memories and tangible ideas for her new life as an adult. She looked at me and said, “Is this really happening Mom”?   You really do reach a point where it is all out of your control and you just start to relax and go with it. I do admit, I have a flair for the dramatic and I rock it but when that plane landed my whole body was in a nervous shake, the adrenaline I guess, my head bowed forward on the seat in front of me and all I kept saying is how are we going to get home because I will NEVER get on another airplane, EVER.

Needless to say we did get on the airplane but with a little help called Xanex. Let the drooling begin…

By the way, the next day we were watching the news and found out we had flown thru a hurricane. Something that is very rare and never happens in Europe. I guess now, they will be a little more cautious taking off in weather they do not understand. We all looked at each other in amazement that we actually survived but what a story we have to tell…