What does “beauty” mean to you? 1

Image 1
Beauty is imperfect. It is always changing always flowing. It is faith that who you are is okay so that you tell other people who they are is ok. It is not about six-pack abs, chiseled backs, round shoulders, or perfect biceps. A beautiful woman has no perfect body. We are all different and all women I am attracted to are attractive because of their differences, subtleties, and uniqueness. Not in spite of them.

The most beautiful humans are the ones who live by admittance they are imperfect and can relax and have fun. After all, in a game of monopoly, you can take all the money and property, but it all goes back in the box, so you may as well have fun before it does. A beautiful human has faith other people will want to join them in that fun.

The light that shines through can be seen and felt by all. What we look like doesn’t matter and what we say doesn’t matter but how we behave and make people feel is all that does. Love is the greatest human currency, so it’s the most beautiful thing a human can have.

Justin Wisor

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