Get Your Sweater ON!

Lately I have been obsessing over sweater dresses. Because of my longer frame, I always have trouble finding the right length in them, and they always end up being too short for me. This past Christmas, I was finally able to find the perfect sweater dress in the most perfect length. YES PLEASE!

Sweater dress’s are perfect for a day out with your girls, paired with some knee high socks and boots. But if you want to dress the outfit up for a night out on the town, put on some black tights and wear some cute wedged booties. I always love to create many outfits with the same pieces from my closet, that way, I don’t have to spend as much money going out and buying new things. Although, Im still pretty sure that never stops me!

Here are a couple of my favorite looks for a lunch date with the girls or a night out on the town!


Layering is always perfect when it comes to wearing sweater dresses. This girl paired her sweater dress with an amazing pair of over the knee boots, a warm jacket, and a really cute beanie. This is an amazing outfit for a cute dinner date with your loved one, and drinks later on. I always love the layered look when it comes to such comfortable and simple styles, like the sweater dress.

338b69abe6a4271e33d5ce14d8b5a1adFor more of a casual look, and this is something I would definitely go with, wear a sweater dress with a flannel, either around your waist or, of course, worn. I love this look so much because even though it looks so effortless, and like she just rolled out of bed, the outfit is still so adorable, especially if you wear it with some booties, or vans. I always love these looks the best for a day out with the girls or running errands.

Get your sweater on!