I just got back from the Dominican Republic with my wonderful family and friends. We went to celebrate my sisters wedding, but we turned it into a little vacation, spanning from Tuesday the 12th to Sunday the 17th. 

When I say that I had the time of my life, I really mean it. 

This place was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in the Paradisus Palma Real Golf and Spa Resort. It definitely had more of a family feel to it, but it was just what we all needed. Our relaxing days on the beach turned into sleepless nights, dancing and having a blast. Lots of the days consisted of laying on the beach and drinking in the pool. 

The ages ranged from about 13 years old to late 50’s, but everybody always stuck together! 

The wedding took place at a restaurant called the Jellyfish, which was a couple miles down the road from the actual resort that we stayed at. My sister wanted it to be more remote and away from all the clutter clatter of everything taking place at the resort. 

BOYYYY……. Did she pick a great place or what?!

It was breathtaking. She rented out the whole restaurant, which was right on the beach. The ceremony was on the beach, while dinner was held inside the restaurant. After dinner took place, speeches were given, songs were sung, and love was shared. It was the most beautiful wedding that I have ever seen. 

It is hard to explain how wonderful this past week was. So many memories have been made. From the dancing, to beach soccer, to hilarious jokes, we all remained to have an amazing time. Friendships were made, tears were shared, and vows were given. It is definitely hard getting back to the real world, where I can’t yell “WHO WANTS SOME MAMA JUANA!” everywhere I go. 

I am so happy for my sister and her new husband, because they have a love unlike any I have ever seen. Through the good times, and not so good times, they have remained to love one another more and more every day. 

On top of that, Bare and Me provided each of the Bridesmaids with some druzy earrings to wear for the wedding. They looked absolutely beautiful with the colors of the wedding!

Jellyfish Restaurant

Paradisus Palma Real

10592934_10152205633040064_4486154613463326181_n The dance floor at the Jellyfish!


Dance floor10502497_10204268070689202_5372608819143980810_n 10616395_10204268055448821_597978952382949247_n Wedding ceremony at Jellyfish10616580_10204268070769204_1967545912851518119_n Resort main lobby. Stairs lead down to the pool and beach. 10487339_10101732510891237_192903094251245672_n 10563093_10152205628420064_4321865032410948273_n The pool where we could swim up to the bar. 10603265_10152205632430064_1271871935893297210_nSome hotties at the wedding. 


14th Act of Kindness: From the Past


Finally! Somebody shared me their story:)

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about our Random Acts of Kindness so far, when he shared with me a great story from about three months ago.

Him and his friend were driving around one day when they came up to a stop light. They noticed that a man who happened to be homeless was walking up and down the sidewalk asking for spare change from those who were passing by. They stopped and realized they they didn’t have any money on them, only their cards.

The man noticed that they stopped and tried to grab their attention. They felt so bad because they really wanted to help the man out, but they didn’t have cash on them at the time. As they drove away they realized that if this man was out there all day, he must have been terribly hungry.

There was a deli around the corner so they stopped there and ordered the biggest sandwich on the menu. They brought it back to the man, who was still making his way up and down the sidewalk, and his reaction was more than what they could have expected.

Not only did this make his day, but they both walked away feeling really great.

I liked this because instead of just throwing the man a couple of loose dollars, they went out of their way to get him a nice sandwich that would fill him up for the rest of the day.

An idea for all of you who are reading this blog is that, in the future, when you pass someone on the street who may be homeless…give them water, food, shoes, clothes, etc. Make a care package full of things that  you do not use as much as you should.

I would definitely love to do something like this in the future, and I hope that this inspires all of you to do the same!

6th Act of Kindness

Not just a water

Not just any water…

I am an avid runner and try to at least get in 25 miles a week.  Hard runs especially on HOT and HUMID days if you know anything about Washington DC weather.

Here I am trucking up the hill I hate most rocking out to my favorite running music playlist with Pink, David Nail, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Live, Bruno Mars and many more saying to myself I am not going to make it up this damn hill which I literally say every time. Then I envision my Grandmother running behind me saying “get your ass up the hill and don’t quit for goodness sake” and she is in heaven. A little weird but true. That is what gets me not to stop and actually run faster lol… Whatever it takes right?

If you are a runner you know what I am talking about!

Well, I get to the top of the hill coming out of a fast run, my face red as an apple with sweat pouring off me looking as if I might keel over at any moment and at the Church they are having “Police National Night Out”.


I am walking through the crowd trying to get to the street to cross and I hear a voice saying “hey, runner girl” do you need a water?

Up until this moment I had been frantically thinking throughout my run about these challenges and what will be next along with my Nana screaming at me not to quit and to run faster all while singing out load to my favorite songs with yes people staring at me. If you know me well enough you know I do not give a darn what people think and I beat to my own drum. I am a quirky little thing. So,  I am singing out load to David Nails “Whatever She’s Got” and the voice is in back of me so I whip my head around to see if someone else is running but lo and behold she points at me and says “yes you”.

Immediately my mind is in a whirlwind of OMG another “Random Act of Kindness” bestowed upon me. Because the whole idea of looking of what I can do is floating around in the land of Laurie I forget that others are doing it everyday as well without even knowing it. Of course in all of my excitement I am in a fast walk,  almost a run with a huge smile on my face,  eye to eye and finally when I reach her I just hugged her. She was a little taken back at first until I told her my story and what we are doing and she just said “well then, it’s just not another water”.

She got it and understood. It is the smallest things, like a bottled water that matter and the little things you do and say to brighten someones day.

It changes things and starts a ripple effect. I hope that this journey we are taking together brightens your day and that you recognize the wonderful things people do for you and then you turn around and give love to others.

What a day this has been… I ran all the way home with a smile on my face rocking out to wonderful music and spending a little time with my Nana. Who could ask for more…