People Watching


You are probably looking at the title and are thinking…what the heck? Yes. People watching.

People watching is by far one of the best things in the world when you are feeling stressed out or bored with your own life. I live near DC and I know there are a bunch of different personalities roaming around on a daily basis. I love this. So many different styles, conversations, and friendships I have seen, and in the least creepy way possible. I swear.

You notice the mom with the four children, all under ten, who is completely stressed out but still remains to have a smile on her face, because she knows that the only way to get through the day is by staying positive. The mom who is superwomen in disguise. The mom who can fight crime anywhere she goes. You cannot help but try to think about what she is thinking. Does she want to scream? How does she do it and still look good!? What museum are they going to?

Then you are fixed on the older couple, sitting on the bench across from you. The one who will not let go of each others hands.You can tell that they are so in love, and you only wish that you could have something like that at the age that they do. You think to yourself about your future. Where you will be in ten, twenty, even thirty years. Who you will be married to and how many children you will have. Will you be as in love as they appear to be? You want to be 85 and holding hands with your soul mate because that is what people deserve. You notice you are getting caught in your own head and decide to switch to another scene.

The man who is in a hurry to get somewhere. But where? Does he have a job interview? Is he late for a meeting? A date? Where is he off to, and in such a hurry. You want to follow him because, well, thats probably not a good idea. But this man seems important. In his slim fitting yet very dapper suit, and his leather dress shoes, and his slicked back hair. His skinny black tie. His cell phone to his ear. He is very important.

Then you notice the group of girls, laughing in a circle. More importantly, you notice the girl, who isn’t completely outside, but seems disinterested in a way. A girl who is half laughing, but something else is catching her eye… You look to see what is catching her attention because she almost looks sad in a way. She is fixed on a couple, who seems to be very interested in one another. She cannot take her eyes off of them, and you cant either. Why is she staring at them? Does she love him? Does she love her? Is she envious?

All you want is to be able to read these peoples minds, but in a way, you love not knowing. You love that you can sit there and just imagine. Imagine what these people are going through. Get inside their heads and their thoughts, and just make up stories.

I have always been a sucker for people watching. It has always helped me to take a step away from my life, and think about others. Not having to worry about yourself, or your own problems is the best remedy you could have.

So, try it. I urge you to. It really is awesome.