It seems as though at many points in one’s life, there is always that time where they feel like doing something different. Something out of the ordinary. Something you aren’t quite used to, but so need to get it out of your system.

I say, do it. Why overthink every possible thing in your life? This new year, I feel like I am biting off more than I can swallow, but there are so many things that I want so badly to achieve. But above all the getting into shape, trying new things, and jumping out of an airplane, I want to become a better version of myself. I know I am always one for staying true to yourself, and never changing, no matter what anybody says, but there are some things I need to do to become the best version of myself possible. I want to worry less. I want to speak my mind more. I want to walk a mile in another’s shoes before I pass judgements. Ultimately, I want to become someone that I would want to be friends with. Someone who I can trust to talk to, and always seek them out for better understand. I want to be the person that people like to be around, and honestly..I know I can do it.

Like I said, I am not trying to become a beauty queen, or a rockstar. I am not trying to become a skinnier version of myself, or alter myself physically. I just want to care less and love more.

I am by no means saying that I am a bad person, and I truly believe that I have done a lot of wonderful things in my short lived life. All I know is that I can become better. This year, and all the years to come, I am making changes, for myself, and for the people around me.

I can never change what has happened in the past. I have had friendships gone down the drain, and frankly, there is not much I can do about them at this point. You can only try so hard, and second guess yourself so much, until you do not really care anymore. I believe that everyone can change, and people can become better, and having said that, things will get better. But for now, I will continue trying to be the best person I can possibly be, continuing to focus on myself and the people who mean the most to me.

I will work harder to be successful, take chances, and continue to listen to my instincts.

I will go for it.


9e1d3ea6d6857cb750af40c1fd215e8aWow, well another year down. How crazy is that? Everything is just flying by so quickly. I wish we could all pause for a second, take a look at our surroundings, take a deep breath, and then return to the real world because I cannot keep up.

Life is crazy if you think about it. We all have these set schedules, and never seem to have time to take a breath and realize how lucky we are to get through another year. Another year of what could have been full of love, heartbreak, loss, and triumph. But it is another year, and you are still kicking.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Every day should be a great day, this new year. Make the most of it and fight your battles, because there are many other people in the world who are worse off than you are.

My New Years resolution is that I am going to help more. I am going to use the free time that I have to make a difference in other peoples lives. And it can be the smallest thing, like sending someone a nice message, or going out of the way to hold the door for someone. Nothing extravagant, but still helpful.

A while back, Bare and Me participated in a “30 Days of Kindness” where we went around each day and did something for someone, that would hopefully end up putting  a smile on their face. We loved doing that so much, not only because we were making other peoples days, but because we truly could see how wonderful people truly are. By doing something kind for something else, we were able to spread happiness all over, by keeping it going. Many other people were inspired by our acts of kindness so they started doing it for themselves as well.

What I hope is that each and every one of you reading this will make helping other people a priority this new year. Take a couple minutes out of your day and do something that will stand out to someone else. I swear to you it is the best feeling.

Happy New Year, everyone.

Cheers to you! Another Year gone… Is it what you hoped for?



Well, another year has passed us bye.

Have you said everything you needed to say, done all of the things you wanted to do?

Me, I always try to say and do everything I set out to do but we all leave some things unsaid or undone or take the ones we “love” for granted. I for one want to change this in #2015.

Top 10 Things I want to do:

I want to live a simple life.

I want to be kind and…

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Cheers to you! Another Year gone… Is it what you hoped for?


Well, another year has passed us by.

Have you said everything you needed to say, done all of the things you wanted to do?

Me, I always try to say and do everything I set out to do but we all leave some things unsaid or undone or take the ones we “love” for granted. I for one want to change this in #2015.

Top 10 Things I want to do:

I want to live a simple life.

I want to be kind and compassionate for things I do not understand.

I want to live everyday as if it is my last.

I want to love unconditionally.

I want to not judge.

I want to be better at what I love.

I want to be a better someone.

I want to help more people just because.

I want to travel to places I have never been.

I want to be less into what I need and more of what others need.

Top 10 Things I want to say:

I want to say I understand and mean it.

I want to say NO more often.

I want to YES more often.

I want to say YES to jumping out of an airplane.

I want to say “i love you” more often.

I want to say “I am proud of you”.

I want to say “i can do that” and do it.

I want to say “really” can you re-phrase that please!

I want to say “be all you can be” to the ones that really need it.

I want to say what I feel all the time…

I think this list of mine is obtainable and I recognize the things I want to be better at and the things I want to say more often. I want to be the person that always says how she feels when she feels it. I want to live an authentic life and be meaningful to the people I love and the ones that love me. We often overlook the good and happy things in our lives and often take it all for granted. If we look at what we have and build on the future with these solid ideals, we can do anything, be anything and achieve everything…

Definition of “taking for granted:

to accept without question or objection; assume: Your loyalty to the cause is taken for granted. to use, accept, or treat in a careless or indifferent manner:

To give little attention to or to underestimate the value of, to fail to appreciate.


Trust, rely on, accept, accredit, admit, attach weight to, be certain of, be convinced of, be credulous, be of the opinion, buy, conceive, conclude, consider, count on, credit, deem, fall for, give credence to, have, have faith in, have no doubt, hold, keep the faith, lap up, place confidence in, posit, postulate, presume true, presuppose, reckon on, regard, rest assured, suppose, swallow, swear by, take as gospel, take at one’s word, take for granted, take it, think, trust, understand.


Abandon, deny, disbelieve, discard, dismiss, dispute, disregard, exclude, forget, ignore, neglect, refuse, reject, distrust.

I wish all of you love, happiness and the best life has to offer in #2015.

Just remember taking people for granted in your life is the one thing that you should recognize and change in 2015.


OH MY GOSH! It is my favorite time of the year. I always love getting dressed up for New Years Eve, because well, SPARKLES! I love love love sparkles, and in my opinion, New Years Eve is the most perfect time to get away with an abundance of them. On your shoes, on your dress, hell, in your hair. I want sparkles everywhere, and I have yet to find the perfect sparkly dress for this wonderful occasion.



These first two dresses are perfect for if you are heading to an extravagant party in the city with all of your friends, and you are looking to dress to impress. The first is an overload of sparkles, but also seems like the perfect amount! It all has to do with how you are feeling that night. Are you looking to be the center of attention and show off your assets, or are you trying to stay a little on the conservative side but have a little flare? Each of these dresses are perfect for New Years Eve and they allude a certain type of confidence that I find amazing!

16b0f4e1ffc7ce57d26bddae90b5de3ffccfd4447ea25defef4d708f31a4538bThese next to outfits are what you call, FUN AND FLIRTY. Maybe you are just heading over to a friends house to watch the ball drop or you are  going into to town to get a nice meal with your loved ones. Whatever it is, you do it in style. You might not want to go all out with an amazing dress, but you still want to be fun and festive. So with the first outfit, you can pair a fun and flirty skirt with lots of gold sparkles with an oversized sweater. Such a perfect mix if you want to be comfy and cute. The second, which is along the same lines, is a silk top paired with some fun and sparkly skinny pants and a nice winter jacket. Her flats are perfect for being on the town if she plans on walking around a lot and doesn’t want to have her feet crying by the end of the night. I am not a heel person so I always love to find cute dressy flats that can either play up or play down an incredible outfit.

Hope you all find some killer outfits this New Years Eve. I am still in the process, so wish me luck!

Get Your Sweater ON!

Lately I have been obsessing over sweater dresses. Because of my longer frame, I always have trouble finding the right length in them, and they always end up being too short for me. This past Christmas, I was finally able to find the perfect sweater dress in the most perfect length. YES PLEASE!

Sweater dress’s are perfect for a day out with your girls, paired with some knee high socks and boots. But if you want to dress the outfit up for a night out on the town, put on some black tights and wear some cute wedged booties. I always love to create many outfits with the same pieces from my closet, that way, I don’t have to spend as much money going out and buying new things. Although, Im still pretty sure that never stops me!

Here are a couple of my favorite looks for a lunch date with the girls or a night out on the town!


Layering is always perfect when it comes to wearing sweater dresses. This girl paired her sweater dress with an amazing pair of over the knee boots, a warm jacket, and a really cute beanie. This is an amazing outfit for a cute dinner date with your loved one, and drinks later on. I always love the layered look when it comes to such comfortable and simple styles, like the sweater dress.

338b69abe6a4271e33d5ce14d8b5a1adFor more of a casual look, and this is something I would definitely go with, wear a sweater dress with a flannel, either around your waist or, of course, worn. I love this look so much because even though it looks so effortless, and like she just rolled out of bed, the outfit is still so adorable, especially if you wear it with some booties, or vans. I always love these looks the best for a day out with the girls or running errands.

Get your sweater on!