16th Random Act of Kindness

Act like a duck

My homage to ducks…

I thought this was the sweetest thing as I walked through a park and noticed they had actually constructed a ramp for ducks to easily get into the water fountain. In everyday life we can find the beauty in bridges, ramps and just simply your hand. I have certainly used the analogy of a duck many, many times and I have been told, “Laurie, when you walk, you waddle “like a duck”! I do have a certain style and if it is a duck walk, then I love it because it is me…

You know you love ducks.  How many times have you said this?

“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck”

“With a rubber duck, one’s never alone”

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

“A few feathers short of a whole duck”

And my personal favorite!

“Let it roll off, like a duck”

9th Random Act of Kindness

Sometimes it is just so random you miss it…


We are in our 9th day of our Random Acts of Kindness challenge and boy has it been busy and challenging to be truthful…

 We want this to be completely authentic for you the reader but importantly for us. WE are all busy people me,  you,  everyone we know but taking time out of our day to realize the importance of not running through life so quickly and slow it down a bit to see the beauty in small acts…

We started our run earlier than usual, mid afternoon so that we could get in some furniture shopping for our new home. Today we had our daughter Sam join us for our daily run. In the first mile we run past my old high school which is the hill I hate most but I love to run down it of course. On the way down, my husband notices a bowling ball nudged between the guard rail and the pavement and quickly comments “I bet some kids rolled that down the hill” and of course my quick witty comment back was “they could kill someone”…  Always the worst possible scenario plays out like a movie in my head. Second thought is, I hope it was not my Son and his friends! So we comment back and forth with Sammie about the bowling ball and then I quickly get back into my concentration mode for the 6 mile run to Lake Needwood and back.

So of course, I dart out in front trying to beat my last day,  thinking always about the d*#@ hill that I have to encounter at the half way point to enter Lake Needwood.

David and Sam are not far behind and I just turn around at the top of the hill and head back. I pass them on the way down and just keep going until we are at the hill I hate the most. The hill that I have to envision the support of my Grandparents running behind me encouraging me not to stop and stay the course.

While running up this hill in a pretty fast pace I look behind me and see my husband David and daughter Sam a little bit further back than usual. I stop at the top of the hill to wait for them and I see David running with this bowling ball. I’m thinking what the heck, he does not even bowl what is he doing?

Well, he of course was doing something he always does. “He is the MAN”. Always looking out for everyone, doing his best to make the lives of his family, employees and strangers a better day with him in it. He truly is a great example of a significant human being. He really cares and wants to change lives for the better. He truly is the man, yes he is, he is the man…

AND, check out the guns… Really honey, you are hot.

AND TO YOU… Slow it down, I am.