Funny Injuries!


When I was a little girl I was always envious of the gymnasts who could do back walkover’s, handstands, and perfect one handed cart wheel’s. I had a bunch of friends, who from a young age were really flexible and had awesome upper body strength, so they were very talented at what they did.

I would always try to mimic what they were doing. Obviously I was not as good as them..I looked like a fish out of water any time I tried to do a cart wheel.

A couple days before my thirteenth birthday I was at my little brothers baseball game with a couple of my friends who were all gymnasts. They had just perfected the perfect one handed cartwheel and I was determined to do it just like them.

The first couple of tries I hardly put in the effort necessary to really get the cartwheel right. I asked one of the girls to show me a couple times more before I really attempted to do the cartwheel.

My turn came to show them what I could do and WHAM! Down I went.

As I was in the  motion of the cartwheel I realized that my shoulder popped and I went right down. Aside from the astonishing embarrassment, I felt a horrible pain in my right shoulder.

I didn’t want to tell anybody how awful it felt because I was too embarrassed about the fall and making a fool of myself in front of all my friends. I waited the rest of the game, and when I finally got into the car with my parents I YELPED! I knew that something was wrong with my arm and that it needed to be checked out.

The next day we went to the doctor and it turned out that I broke my collar bone. The bone twisted and then splintered because of all the pressure on my shoulder during the cartwheel. It was a pretty bad break and we considered surgery, but decided against it because we didn’t think it was necessary.

Two days after that  it was my birthday party and it was at cosmic bowling. I was so excited because it was the first boy-girl birthday party that I was allowed to have, and everyone RSVPd yes! Well….It turned out that my right arm, the side that I broke my collar bone, was the arm that I used to bowl.

I am awful at bowling as it is, so when I learned that I would have to be bowling with my left hand, I was full of discomfort. I thought my birthday was going to be so boring and nobody would have a good time.

Boy was I wrong. It was one of my favorite birthdays ever, and I learned that I was actually pretty good, almost better, at bowling with my left hand!

Of course the injury was awful, and the healing process was very long and frustrating. Now I know not that gymnastics is not my thing, and I should definitely stick to my day job.

No moral of the story in this, I just like to share stories from the past. I always like to share that story because I look back at laugh at myself for being so embarrassed and not telling anyone.


20th Act of Kindness


 Today, while I was on my way home from my annual appointment at the dermatologist with my mom, we decided to indulge ourselves with some McDonalds snack wraps, fries, and cokes. I was seriously craving some salty fries today. So bad, but so good. Don’t judge me… 

Anyway, as we were stuffing our faces at a red light, we noticed a young boy, probably 20, standing on the median, with a sign for an animal rescue shelter that was raising money and awareness. Being the animal lover that I am, I quickly went into my wallet and pulled out a couple bucks for the kid. He ran up to the car and gave us a quick lowdown of the foundation he was a part of, and then we got to talking about our animals that we rescued. 

My cat, Taz, was found on the streets of Baltimore as a kitten. When he was found, his face was covered in duck tape. Apparently some young boys tried to suffocate Taz by wrapping his face. You can tell that the tape was on for a long time because his whiskers are all bent and crooked. 

The thing that makes me so sad is that these kids were probably able to do this to him very easily because he is so trusting. He will jump into anybodies lap, roll over, and fall asleep. Its just how he is…I do not understand how people can be so cruel to such beautiful animals. 

Taz is this crazy cat, with a bunch of energy. We lost our other cat “Orange Kitty” (don’t laugh at his name, we love it) a couple years because to cancer and it really took us a while to want another cat. My family, like any other, gets super attached to their animals, and when we lose them, its like losing a member of the family. Taz has definitely been a blessing in disguise because he is so rambunctious and wild, but so sweet at the same time. We had such a hard time figuring out what his name would be, because we couldn’t all agree on something that perfectly fit his personality. Finally, we picked “Taz” which is short for Tasmanian Devil”. 

Any who, let me get back on track here…. So the kid was rambling on and on about the foundation and as he was talking I noticed the other, young boy, standing behind him, holding a sign stating that he was homeless and needed money.

This sign was different though. 

He said he needed some money so he could buy himself a suit. A suit for an interview. You see, he didn’t want people to just hand him money. He wanted to be able to be successful on his own, he just needed a little push. I quickly grabbed some money out of my purse, again, and yelled for him to come over! He was surprised, I am sure, because it took me so long to notice him. 

This kid seemed determined to better his living conditions, so I was determined to help. I know that I only gave him a couple dollars, but maybe it was the push necessary to get him in the right direction. 

A little can most definitely go a long way.

Ps. Here is a picture of Taz and me!