Have you just ever felt like this?

We all have days where we feel like the world is caving in on us, don’t we?  Sometimes,  I feel like I am the only one. To be honest, usually I am “happy-go-lucky” all the time. In fact, my husband always looks at me in times of trouble and says “you just don’t have a care in the world”!  Always perplexed with him looking at me like that, I just node, laugh and say no! I have always looked at things as if they were meant to happen and it is all in how you handle it. I am very good under pressure, I always have been but this week, I just want to pull my hair out.

Here, let me explain…

1. Leaving a house I grew up in since I was a child.

 2. Being self-employed, the bank is driving me crazy.

  3. A good friend will not speak to me and I don’t know

what I did?

4. My daughter is getting married…

5. Everyone wants something from me.

6. My house is a cluster f@%k with furniture, lighting

and accessories for the new house everywhere.

That is why I feel like this…




These are all the great things that come out of the bad…

1. My daughter and her fiancé are moving into the house I grew up in…

2. We are blessed beyond belief to have what we have…

3. Maybe that friend is not worth the aggregation if they

do not have the time or patience to explain why… a blessing in disguise…

4. My daughter is getting married to her perfect guy…

5. At least someone wants something from you and you are not alone…

6. Well, that I need a magic wand, it is still a cluster f@%k…

There is always a silver lining in life. Don’t forget to remember that when your hands are in your hair and you want to scream and hit your head against the wall:)

17th Random Acts of Kindness



With your motto #makeloveaverb you want to buy these t-shirts and spread the good deeds of this Company. It FEELS good. I just cannot explain it but I will try…

Kristin and James walked into my home and I really wanted to find a reason, any reason to say, “oh lord, hold on here, who are you”?  You see, I have known this wonderful girl since she was a child, watched her grow into a beautiful woman and I would even go, as far to say, “she is one of my own”.

Kristin is part of a trio bound by faith, friendship and also known as one of “the 3 musketeers”.  Jessica my daughter, Delaney and Kristin were inseparable for all of junior high and high school. She lived with us, vacationed with us and loved us as we did her. They all went their separate ways for college but have remained and will always remain sisters bound in faith. Friends for life.

We were all standing in the kitchen and James looked me in the eyes and well, said, ” he was in love with Kristin and had asked her to marry him”. He wanted our approval because he knew what she meant to us and what we meant to her.  I was stunned at his candor. I was taken back and at a loss of words. Something that usually never occurs.   All my brain would say to me was, oh dear, isn’t this to soon? They had only been dating for a short period of time.

Now, it was on. I wanted to know everything about this man. He started to tell me the story of him and I could not get enough of this guy. All I kept thinking to myself be, is this guy for real?

A story that will stick with me forever and this is just one of his “random acts of kindness”. He was a successful businessman and worked as a financial planner at JP Morgan Chase and was not finding any satisfaction in his success and was just not happy. He decided he wanted to give up all of his worldly possessions and live as a homeless person, just to see what it was like and how they felt. For TWO YEARS not a day in the life…  At first, I thought James was a nut bag but the more I actually listened to him, the more I wanted to know.  Not because I wanted to find something wrong with him but because he made me want to be a better person with every word. Every time I talk to him, his soul is beaming like a light that cannot be contained. He loves Jesus insanely, bleeds love and sacrifice but he actually lives his life to better the life of others. I could not have handpicked a better guy for her. They are meant for each other.

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself

Is a 100% not for profit group that just does good deeds everyday? This can be found on their “Who We Are” page.

On each product page, there is a description of which that specific product benefits. Your purchases empower people across the globe. You provide seamstress jobs to women rescued from the sex trade in India, school uniforms to orphans in Kenya, interview attire to homeless friends, wigs for women affected by cancer, diapers for single parents, and school backpacks for kids living in poverty right here in the USA. This isn’t charity. This is empowerment. How do we do so much as such a small operation? We identify organizations that have big hearts and are already doing well in their field, and then we provide financial backing so we can keep changing the world together! We can proudly say that we use 100% of the profit from your order for those in need. Please consider giving to our cause to keep our operations running.


James, you are an example of what we should all be like…  Keep being a do-gooder…

16th Random Act of Kindness

Act like a duck

My homage to ducks…

I thought this was the sweetest thing as I walked through a park and noticed they had actually constructed a ramp for ducks to easily get into the water fountain. In everyday life we can find the beauty in bridges, ramps and just simply your hand. I have certainly used the analogy of a duck many, many times and I have been told, “Laurie, when you walk, you waddle “like a duck”! I do have a certain style and if it is a duck walk, then I love it because it is me…

You know you love ducks.  How many times have you said this?

“If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, it must be a duck”

“With a rubber duck, one’s never alone”

“Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.”

“A few feathers short of a whole duck”

And my personal favorite!

“Let it roll off, like a duck”

How do you say “I love you”?


We were asked to be part of this unbelievable Wedding shoot and of course we were honored.

We are introducing our floral crowns at Lillyput Lane Design Company and Bare and Me for Fall and what a way to shout this to the world.  We are blessed with the love and support from many Brides who choose to use us to say “thank you” to their wedding parties.

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-4

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-14

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-17

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-23

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-32


Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-26


Image 17

Image 16

Image 15

Image 3

Image 13

Image 9

Image 7

Image 6

Image 5

Photography: Lauren Werkheiser Photography | Event Planning: Elevee Events | Tables & Chairs: Dover Rent All Tents & Events | Cake: Carolina Sugar Fairies | Attire: Brides 2 Be | Hair & Makeup: Bad Hair Day | Florals: Bayberry | Floral Crown & Jewelry: Lilyput Lane Design Company; Bare & Me | Hanger: Handcrafted Affairs | Seed Packet Favors: Plantables & Paper | Papergoods: Elevee Paper via Printswell | Venue: Nassau Valley Vineyards

8th Act of Kindness

10603023_10154494861275574_1044066553_nIts times like these, when the community comes together, that we realize how special and kind people truly are. A local restaurant in the Rockville community, has always been there for its employees. But they don’t just work together, they are a family.

One of the employees of Urban, Katie Huerta and her family, just recently lost their home to an unexpected fire. Urban set out and planned a fundraiser for the family where 50% of the sales between 4 and 9 P.M. would be given to the family.

What was even a bigger surprise was that so many people from the community reached out and came to the event. Friends of friends of friends, in big parties, showed up to Urban BBQ with hungry bellies and warm hearts, to lend a helping hand for the Huerta family.

We were so excited to see the outcome of the event, and we know that it meant a lot. It is always an overwhelming feeling to know that so many people are on your side! Yesterday was a huge hit, and we have so many people to thank for that.

Lots of pictures were taken. Lots of food was devoured. And lots of laughter was shared. It could not have been a better night!



photo 4 photo 2

photo 3


7th Act of Kindness

Jamie Winslow


Written by Jamie Winslow Co-Founder of SMGA

It stands just a few miles away, we’ve all sped by it hundreds of times, but how much thought have we ever given to what goes on in that massive structure just off the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Cedar Lane. As a result of realignments and closures, the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center was formed by merging the Walter Reed Army Medical Center and the Bethesda Naval Hospital. It is the largest military medical center in the country and often the first destination of care for warriors wounded and injured during global conflicts.


For the past eight years, one local Maryland group has been bringing the game of golf as a form of mental and physical rehabilitation to the post-9/11 wounded and injured warriors from Walter Reed/Bethesda. Co-founded by two life long Montgomery County residents, the SMGA (www.smga.org) has grown beyond its humble roots. Today, the SMGA operates at more than eight locations across the country, conducts hundreds of golf clinics each year, and has given away nearly a thousand sets of customized, fitted golf clubs.


Although more than 2000 wounded and injured warriors have taken at least one lesson at an SMGA sponsored location, the organization, until just recently, was an all volunteer organization. More than 90% of all the funds it takes in directly benefits warriors’ recovery through the game of golf, and many warriors credit golf for literally saving their lives. To hear the SMGA tell it, recovery, particularly the wounds associated with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), can last a lifetime and golf is a game that can be played for life. The SMGA program, from instructional clinics and lessons to equipment and golf course access is designed to mirror that lifelong timeline.


The success the SMGA has had over the years has involved random acts of kindness too numerous to count. Facilities such as Olney Golf Park and the country clubs at Argyle, Manor, and Norbeck have opened their doors to SMGA warrior golfers; PGA of America golf professionals have given hours of instruction time; local companies and individuals have provided funding; and local restaurants such as the Green Turtle, Ledo’s Pizza, Subway, and Urban BBQ have donated countless slices, subs, and sauces to the lunches that are provided at each clinic.


While this is only one warrior’s story (http://www.pgamediacenter.com/videos/2013_BeyondTheGreen.cfm?vid=2&seek=934), without even really knowing it, our community has come together to deliver a random act of kindness to those American heroes who have given so much to protect our nation’s freedom.

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