4th Act of Kindness!

Random Act 4

We definitely were not prepared for this act of kindness. Although, moments like these are the ones that mean the most.

Laurie and I had just gotten all the ingredients we needed to bake our cookies and as we were waiting in line the man in front of us kept looking back and kindly smiling.

He then turned around and told us that we could get in front of him in line because he had more things than us, and ours would be quicker. Both of us thanked him, and went ahead in line.

***1 minute later*** Laurie jumps up and down and yells “OH MY GOD, that was a random act of kindness!” She then proceeded to tell him our story, take a picture with him, and remind him of how sweet his act was.

What people do not realize is that even the smallest things like holding the door for someone, or letting someone ahead of you in line can really impact a persons day. I know that the both of us were not only surprised, but extremely overcome with joy!

Please please please share with us your stories! We would love to hear.

*Recipe Toll House Cookies