Don’t Vote? Don’t Complain

086df05ad89d0ec7bb7231aa0c29c301Obviously democracy has been around for thousands and thousands of years, and has been a primary force in how society is viewed. Election day is such an important day for people to put their opinion out there about who they want to be in charge.

You should go vote today, because well, why not. There really is no reason why you shouldn’t be voting. It is the easiest way to show your civic duty and lets be real, it is a lot better than participating in that awful jury duty.

Most importantly though, and this is directly centered towards women…Once upon a time, we were not allowed to vote. Someone made it their dream and primary goal to make it possible for us to have a say in who governs our country. We have always voiced our opinions on gender stereotypes and inequalities, but when change has been made, we do not participate in the most relevant cause.

Think about it, some people have died to make voting possible for the future, and we need to take it much more seriously.

Lets not be the generation that does not participate in such an important part of history.

Obviously many of you aren’t that passionate about voting, but you should be passionate about having your opinions heard. Voice your opinions and take a stand. Stop sitting back and waiting for everyone around you to make history.

Have you just ever felt like this?

We all have days where we feel like the world is caving in on us, don’t we?  Sometimes,  I feel like I am the only one. To be honest, usually I am “happy-go-lucky” all the time. In fact, my husband always looks at me in times of trouble and says “you just don’t have a care in the world”!  Always perplexed with him looking at me like that, I just node, laugh and say no! I have always looked at things as if they were meant to happen and it is all in how you handle it. I am very good under pressure, I always have been but this week, I just want to pull my hair out.

Here, let me explain…

1. Leaving a house I grew up in since I was a child.

 2. Being self-employed, the bank is driving me crazy.

  3. A good friend will not speak to me and I don’t know

what I did?

4. My daughter is getting married…

5. Everyone wants something from me.

6. My house is a cluster f@%k with furniture, lighting

and accessories for the new house everywhere.

That is why I feel like this…




These are all the great things that come out of the bad…

1. My daughter and her fiancé are moving into the house I grew up in…

2. We are blessed beyond belief to have what we have…

3. Maybe that friend is not worth the aggregation if they

do not have the time or patience to explain why… a blessing in disguise…

4. My daughter is getting married to her perfect guy…

5. At least someone wants something from you and you are not alone…

6. Well, that I need a magic wand, it is still a cluster f@%k…

There is always a silver lining in life. Don’t forget to remember that when your hands are in your hair and you want to scream and hit your head against the wall:)

How do you say “I love you”?


We were asked to be part of this unbelievable Wedding shoot and of course we were honored.

We are introducing our floral crowns at Lillyput Lane Design Company and Bare and Me for Fall and what a way to shout this to the world.  We are blessed with the love and support from many Brides who choose to use us to say “thank you” to their wedding parties.

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-4

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-14

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-17

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-23

Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-32


Lauren Werkheiser Photography - Nassau Valley Vineyards-26


Image 17

Image 16

Image 15

Image 3

Image 13

Image 9

Image 7

Image 6

Image 5

Photography: Lauren Werkheiser Photography | Event Planning: Elevee Events | Tables & Chairs: Dover Rent All Tents & Events | Cake: Carolina Sugar Fairies | Attire: Brides 2 Be | Hair & Makeup: Bad Hair Day | Florals: Bayberry | Floral Crown & Jewelry: Lilyput Lane Design Company; Bare & Me | Hanger: Handcrafted Affairs | Seed Packet Favors: Plantables & Paper | Papergoods: Elevee Paper via Printswell | Venue: Nassau Valley Vineyards

2nd Act of Kindness!

IPS GROUP, INC. M5 INDIVIDUAL METERYesterday we wanted to walk up and down Rehoboth Avenue feeding the meters for people that were close to running out of time. We know from experience how irritating it is trying to remember when to run back to your car and feed those DARN THINGS

As we were franticly trying to find a meter that was close enough to running out, we saw this young boy coming to feed his. Laurie…being laurie, took it upon herself to MAKE THIS BOYS DAY! She went on up, and gave him an hours worth of quarters, and man was he all smiles. 

Not sure if he was afraid of us or a shy one, but we totally had a blast helping him out! Check out our video on Laurie’s Bare and Me Youtube Page 

Ps: Remember guys, not only are we telling you our stories, but we most definitely want to hear about yours! 


30 Days of Kindness!

76cb19f5fc3a475d42bf059f0934bbfdStarting today we are challenging you to do something different. Something you are not used to. Sometimes we are too caught up in our own lives to do something nice for someone else.

So not only are we challenging ourselves, but we are challenging you to participate in the 30 days of kindness!

If you do something nice, or a stranger does something nice for you, WE WANT TO KNOW! Even the smallest things can put a smile on your face.

Share with us your story! Can you do the 30 Day Challenge?