1. a pale sandy yellowish-brown color.
    “tones of beige and green”
    synonyms: fawn, pale brown, sand, buff, sandy, oatmeal, khaki, biscuit, coffee, coffee-colored, cafe au lait, camel, ecru

Is anyone else tired of this lack-luster, mind-numbing color we call beige? I know I am and I am ready for the HOTTEST color this year…GRAY! Gray is such a versatile color and has a wide range of hues, shades, and tones that create different sensations within a space. Gray can be used to create a glamorous, calming, or edgy space. The wide range of warm and cool grays compliment beautiful colors such as blush, yellow, red, white (some of my favorites). It can be used in a classic, transitional, or modern design! What do you think about gray? Check out some of these spaces that incorporated gray into there space. unnamed unnamed (11) unnamed (10) unnamed (9) unnamed (8) unnamed (7) unnamed (6) unnamed (5) unnamed (4) unnamed (3) unnamed (2) Xo, Jessica Calkins Definition provided by Google

5 Ways of Romanticizing Your Bedroom

Creating an atmosphere in a space is one of the main reasons why I love to do what I do. Elements of design such as lighting, color, and texture trigger our senses to feel a certain way. Here are some tips of how you can create sexy vibes within your bedroom…

  1. Get Rid of your TV – even though we love to cuddle up and watch our favorite shows together, the television is a distraction in the bedroom. If you don’t believe me, take your TV out of your room for a week, let me know if you notice a difference.
  1. Candles/Set Lighting on Dimmer—Ditch those overhead lights that are on a fixed switch and install them on a dimmer. Nothing is sexier than a well-lit room. Everybody knows that those recessed cans are just not a flattering as you’d like them to be. Create shadows and highlights in your bedroom. The soft glow of light that filters throughout a room will set the mood! Also, candles are a great source of creating a romantic atmosphere.
  1. Scents – Candles, Essentials Oils and Fresh Flowers—Not only does lighting play a huge role in creating a romantic bedroom, but scents are just as important! Scent is the most powerful of our senses and when used correctly, can affect the mood in the bedroom. Some of my favorite romantic scents are Lavender, Bergamot, Sandalwood, Sage, and Mint. Anything floral like lavender will create a relaxing atmosphere. Bergamot is a type of orange that leaves a sweet and spicy smell of citrus. Sandalwood, which is commonly used in most incense, is a woody, exotic scent that will have you feeling relax and uplifted. Mint, which is my favorite, creates a clean, refreshing, and simulates your body when you breathe it in.
  1. Invest in a lush, luxurious comforter—Investing in a good comforter will not only give you a great nights rest, but also creates an inviting environment. Who wouldn’t want to jump right into a plush, luxurious cloud of down and feathers?
  1. Soft Color Palette—When creating a romantic bedroom, remember that we are creating a dream-like, non-aggressive environment. To achieve this, red is not the way to go. Though red is a very sexy color, it is aggressive. Try using whites, soft greys, blushes, soft blues and greens.

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Jessica Calkins