7f34dce35a578b08c483ce8071ebf8ddAnimal print is making its way back onto shoes, jackets, scarves, and any other accessories that you could possibly think of.

Lately many actors have been taking a walk on the wild side, and rocking animal print in certain parts of their outfits. Singer and actress Selena Gomez incorporated a little, yet sophisticated amount of cheetah print into her wardrobe and shown her awesome sense of shoe style, rocking some cheetah print stiletto’s with some leather leggings and a beautiful blazer. This outfit is perfect for a night out on the town with your best friends!


Another beautiful singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez, paired some over the knee stiletto boots with a cheetah print jacket. This jacket is a little much for something that I would wear, but JLo makes it look so beautiful on her curvy body!

For those of you who do not want to jump directly into this wild style, you can buy accessories with a little bit of animal print on it. This way, you can see if you feel comfortable in such a fashion forward pattern.

Along with your regular outfits, you can add a cheetah print belt, scarf or flats. Steve Madden has a great collection of animal print heels, flats and boots. Here are some flats that would look awesome with some boyfriend jeans and a plaid shirt.


If those statement shoes are even too much for you, and many would say so, I would wear that same blazer and put on a cheetah print belt. Here is a picture where they look great together.


Just a couple ways to bring this beautiful print into your life! Hope you enjoy:)


20th Act of Kindness


 Today, while I was on my way home from my annual appointment at the dermatologist with my mom, we decided to indulge ourselves with some McDonalds snack wraps, fries, and cokes. I was seriously craving some salty fries today. So bad, but so good. Don’t judge me… 

Anyway, as we were stuffing our faces at a red light, we noticed a young boy, probably 20, standing on the median, with a sign for an animal rescue shelter that was raising money and awareness. Being the animal lover that I am, I quickly went into my wallet and pulled out a couple bucks for the kid. He ran up to the car and gave us a quick lowdown of the foundation he was a part of, and then we got to talking about our animals that we rescued. 

My cat, Taz, was found on the streets of Baltimore as a kitten. When he was found, his face was covered in duck tape. Apparently some young boys tried to suffocate Taz by wrapping his face. You can tell that the tape was on for a long time because his whiskers are all bent and crooked. 

The thing that makes me so sad is that these kids were probably able to do this to him very easily because he is so trusting. He will jump into anybodies lap, roll over, and fall asleep. Its just how he is…I do not understand how people can be so cruel to such beautiful animals. 

Taz is this crazy cat, with a bunch of energy. We lost our other cat “Orange Kitty” (don’t laugh at his name, we love it) a couple years because to cancer and it really took us a while to want another cat. My family, like any other, gets super attached to their animals, and when we lose them, its like losing a member of the family. Taz has definitely been a blessing in disguise because he is so rambunctious and wild, but so sweet at the same time. We had such a hard time figuring out what his name would be, because we couldn’t all agree on something that perfectly fit his personality. Finally, we picked “Taz” which is short for Tasmanian Devil”. 

Any who, let me get back on track here…. So the kid was rambling on and on about the foundation and as he was talking I noticed the other, young boy, standing behind him, holding a sign stating that he was homeless and needed money.

This sign was different though. 

He said he needed some money so he could buy himself a suit. A suit for an interview. You see, he didn’t want people to just hand him money. He wanted to be able to be successful on his own, he just needed a little push. I quickly grabbed some money out of my purse, again, and yelled for him to come over! He was surprised, I am sure, because it took me so long to notice him. 

This kid seemed determined to better his living conditions, so I was determined to help. I know that I only gave him a couple dollars, but maybe it was the push necessary to get him in the right direction. 

A little can most definitely go a long way.

Ps. Here is a picture of Taz and me!



5th Act of Kindness


On this 5th day of kindness, we wanted to tell you guys a story from the past.

Lucci was found on the side of the road and taken in by “Mutts Matter Rescue” located in Rockville Md. He had lost most of his hair and didn’t have a trusting bone in his body. Laurie and her family heard about Lucci’s story and couldn’t help but take him in and show him a life that he deserved.

The first couple days that the Calkins had Lucci were tough. He barely came out of his crate because he was so scared. He would growl at anybody that would try to pet him, because he never really knew better.

Now Lucci begs to get some love. Whenever someone gets close to him he rolls right onto his back and lays like that until someone gives him a good petting.

Lucci has really come a long way living in the Calkins household. It probably helps that he has two siblings, Miloh, and Ginger! Not only that, but he has a family that spoils him with love!

Mutts Matter Rescue is a non profit. all volunteer based organization, working to help save animals on death row, strays on the street, and or unsafe living conditions. They adopt in the DC, VA, and MD areas.

For a while now, Laurie has helped to spread the news about Mutts Matter Rescue throughout FaceBook, and she hopes that you keep the encouragement alive.

Animals deserve kindness too, so during this thirty days challenge, show some love to the smelly four legged friends of Mutts Matter.