Bare and Me

Ladies, sometimes relationships aren’t meant to work out.

Sometimes, you deserve more.

Sometimes, you overanalyze too much.

And sometimes, its just not meant to be.

Do not force something that isn’t supposed to happen.

What so many women (me included) fail to understand is that we should not be with someone who does not want to be with us. It really really sucks to know that someone isn’t as into you as you are into them, but why would you want to fake love? Yeah, it sucks.

Having said that. Stop wallowing in your heartbreak, Stop sleeping all day, and please please please…. STOP CRYING. Don’t waste those tears. The more you think about how hurt you are, the longer you remain damaged.

What to do instead? Have fun!

Go out with the friends that make you the happiest. Think about all the other things in your life that make…

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Funny Injuries!


When I was a little girl I was always envious of the gymnasts who could do back walkover’s, handstands, and perfect one handed cart wheel’s. I had a bunch of friends, who from a young age were really flexible and had awesome upper body strength, so they were very talented at what they did.

I would always try to mimic what they were doing. Obviously I was not as good as them..I looked like a fish out of water any time I tried to do a cart wheel.

A couple days before my thirteenth birthday I was at my little brothers baseball game with a couple of my friends who were all gymnasts. They had just perfected the perfect one handed cartwheel and I was determined to do it just like them.

The first couple of tries I hardly put in the effort necessary to really get the cartwheel right. I asked one of the girls to show me a couple times more before I really attempted to do the cartwheel.

My turn came to show them what I could do and WHAM! Down I went.

As I was in the  motion of the cartwheel I realized that my shoulder popped and I went right down. Aside from the astonishing embarrassment, I felt a horrible pain in my right shoulder.

I didn’t want to tell anybody how awful it felt because I was too embarrassed about the fall and making a fool of myself in front of all my friends. I waited the rest of the game, and when I finally got into the car with my parents I YELPED! I knew that something was wrong with my arm and that it needed to be checked out.

The next day we went to the doctor and it turned out that I broke my collar bone. The bone twisted and then splintered because of all the pressure on my shoulder during the cartwheel. It was a pretty bad break and we considered surgery, but decided against it because we didn’t think it was necessary.

Two days after that  it was my birthday party and it was at cosmic bowling. I was so excited because it was the first boy-girl birthday party that I was allowed to have, and everyone RSVPd yes! Well….It turned out that my right arm, the side that I broke my collar bone, was the arm that I used to bowl.

I am awful at bowling as it is, so when I learned that I would have to be bowling with my left hand, I was full of discomfort. I thought my birthday was going to be so boring and nobody would have a good time.

Boy was I wrong. It was one of my favorite birthdays ever, and I learned that I was actually pretty good, almost better, at bowling with my left hand!

Of course the injury was awful, and the healing process was very long and frustrating. Now I know not that gymnastics is not my thing, and I should definitely stick to my day job.

No moral of the story in this, I just like to share stories from the past. I always like to share that story because I look back at laugh at myself for being so embarrassed and not telling anyone.


29th Act of Kindness


I noticed that my roommates have been super stressed out lately, with soccer and school and everything in between. They come home from classes and go straight to soccer, leaving no time for relaxation. 

This morning was the first morning where we could all hang out with each other, so my boyfriend and I decided that we would make breakfast for all of them. I know that if I were them I would love to wake up to the smell of bacon and pancakes. 

Sooooo, we went to the nearest grocery store and got all the ingredients for a perfect breakfast. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, orange juice! So many yummy things. 

We came home and got right to work. He made the eggs and pancakes while I focused on my favorite part…. THE BACON!! 

My roommates obviously started smelling the heavenly smell coming from downstairs, so they came running….with big smiles on their faces! 

We definitely feasted, and they enjoyed every minute of it. 

They thanked my boyfriend and I as they rushed out the door for, shockingly, another soccer game. But they sure were pumped with their bellies full of yummy foods!

I just wanted to do something simple and easy for them. They deserved it. 🙂

23rd Random Act of Kindness


Oh dear, I am in trouble…

Sitting waiting, wondering what is taking so long I am thinking to myself. I see a doctor walking towards me in the waiting room and he says, “Laurie, will you come with me please”. Well, you know this is not going to be good news.

We go back into the examination room and two other people come in the room and I know, oh man, this is really bad. My heart starts to go a million beats a second and my whole body has this shaking that will not stop. The doctor proceeds to tell me they have found a calcified tumor in my breast that looks like cancer and I need to find a specialist as soon as possible.

My Mother was just diagnosed with stage three-breast cancer 3 months before so my sister and I thought it was a good idea to get checked. I had been many times before with no issues but this time was different. It was the look in their eyes. The look you know you are in deep trouble. The look that has tears in it. The look that feels sorry for what you about to go through. The look you never want to see.

I was walking out of the office in a daze, with my imaging, doctors note in hand and I entered the elevator and saw my OBGYN who had delivered all of my babies. He knew I had this appointment today and we had become very close over the years. We are about the same age and had children at the same time. He also knew I never took things very seriously. I had been in his office the day before and he found this lump and set up the appointment with the radiologist for the next day. He looked at me with the look that I knew he had heard already. Man, does bad news travel fast. I looked at him and just broke down. I do not cry EVER, so this was truly an event. We walked outside the building, I am just sobbing uncontrollably and we sat on a bench. I cried for about 10 minutes, and then I was done. I actually never cried again. We started to make a game plan.

 By the time I reached my car I had an appointment with the best surgeon at Georgetown University Hospital in two hours. Sometimes it is really nice to know people who can work that quickly. While driving from Bethesda to Washington DC I called my husband to fill him in but with an attitude I was fine and everything will be ok. I did not want to alarm anyone and I was truly very good in bad situations, I always have been.  Something comes over me and I just do not stop until everything is in place. If you are sick, I am your girl. I will do everything in my power to make you well.

So finally after a very long wait, this tall blonde beautiful women comes into the room and looks at me and says, “So I hear we have a problem!” Look at it this way; you will have great new boobs. I just started to laugh so hard I almost peed my pants. I knew she was the doctor for me. Her opinion of this awful tumor was no different then the other doctor, so I knew my life was going to change forever.

So the dreaded day comes and I am in this bubble gum pink robe with these wires poking out of my boobs. They had found more tumors that needed to come out. My sister Shelly came with me because I really never said how serious this was to my husband and my children. I needed this to be very understated so I could make it through. I had told very few friends and family about this and wanted to almost keep it a secret.

As Shelly and I were walking down this hospital hallway, we both started to laugh uncontrollable; you know the nervous laugh where you cannot stop. Literally, we were told to stop three times. We just could not, every time we looked at each other it just started again. I think it may have been the “I am gonna die” jokes they did not like. They come to get me and I was walked into this room where your robe comes off and you lie on this table with your arms out like a cross. My doctor says, “I hope you do not mind but I have some of my students that will be in here for the procedure”. I am fine with that until I see 15 doctors that looked 12,  whom all want to touch me. I just went with it, made friends with all of them before they put me out.

I wake up in recovery and find my sisters eyes. My doctor and nurses are looking at me saying how do you feel? I’m okay but why are all of you looking at me like that. I have very low blood pressure so I have a hard time with anesthesia and I was having some issues with coming out of it. Worried looks is all I see and to make things even worse she says it does not look good for me and we have to wait a few days for pathology. At this point, I am starting to prepare myself for the worst. My first thought is my hair, how will I look bald? Seeing a person go through chemo is no picnic and I wondered to myself, would I be a trooper like my Mother.

I am at home talking to some friends who are checking up on me, Shelly had left to go back to Boston and I am just recovering from the surgery. It was a snowy, gloomy day and I was in bed feeling a little sorry for myself. I get a phone call from my doctor and she says, “Are you sitting down”? I am thinking, oh man, here is comes, the dreaded words of, you have cancer. I could tell in her voice that she was holding back tears and that just really threw me off and I was just waiting, almost hurry up already. She starts off with, I had them run this twice just to make sure but you have just won “the lottery”. I have only seen this 3 times in my career and you are the luckiest girl. NO CANCER…

I jumped out of bed so fast it would make your head spin, yelling for my kids and husband, guess what NO CANCER. Are you sure Laurie, my husband says? Yes, I won the lottery. They are all hysterical and I am running around the house jumping for joy and just so elated I am not sure what to do next. I start to make some calls to my family and friends to let them in on the news so no one has to worry anymore. What all of them said to me was you have no idea how many people were praying for you. I would have been so mad at everyone if I had known anyone knew about my situation. They all know how fiercely private I am and I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. Unbeknownst to me, I had been put on everyone’s prayer lists, that friends of friends were praying for me, Churches were praying for me, strangers praying for me. Even our children’s school was praying for me. I had know idea that the world could be so kind and people you do not even know have your back in the worst of times…

The power of prayer and my miracle. Thank you to all of you for your random act of kindness.


Fall C a n n o t Come S o o n Enough

 I don’t know about all of you, but I cannot wait for the fall season to come! Not only is it not too cold, and of course, not too hot…but the colors are absolutely beautiful. 

Fall fashion, in my opinion, is the best. You are at that in between mode where you can  switch it up with layers. Shorts and a sweater, jeans and a long sleeve shirt, boots, leggings…and best of all, no puffy jackets. My favorite things to wear are oversized sweaters because not only are they super conformable, but they are really adorable, and can be dressed up or dressed down. 

You can take a simple sweater and dress it up by putting on some black skinny jeans, heels, and a statement necklace. For a completely different occasion, you can take that same sweater, and pair it with some leggings and ked sneakers for a more conformable look! 

Here are some examples to show you exactly what I mean!

In this first picture we have a girl wearing some leggings with an oversized sweater for a more casual look. As you can see, the outfit is still adorable but completely comfortable. 


In the next picture, you will see a sweater that is close to the same style as the one above, dressed up with some leather leggings, and some booties! I absolutely love this sassy yet comfortable outfit for a night out with the girls. 


Both of these pictures were provided from interest under “fall fashion”. 

First Random Act:)

Bare and Me


So we wanted to start this challenge by going to a fast food restaurant ( Chick- fil- A)  and paying for the next three cars behind us. Not only did we pay for their food, but we urged them to keep the kindness rolling, and pay it forward, for the people after them. Turns out we were very successful, and there are some very kind people out there! We took a video of the whole process  so you guys can see how awesome people really are!



We were so happy with how it all ended!

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“It’s Not About Having The Time, It’s About Making It”



 Life isn’t about following that set schedule every single day. It is about doing things that make you happy. If you do not feel like you have the time to be truly pleased, then you need to make it. You can still do the things that you enjoy and love even though you may have a full time job or a family. Having all these different layers in your life does not mean you have zero time or strength left for yourself.

Ultimately, taking time out of the busy day is the most important contributor to a successful life. It is what gives us the energy to take care of all the other responsibilities that we have.

Step 1 and the most important step: Make yourself a priority

As silly as it sounds, sometimes you need to make yourself a priority in order to be rested and restored for the people in your life. If you are constantly lethargic or stressed, you will not be 100% for the moments that really count.

Step 2: Schedule your ‘Me Time’ into your Busy Schedule

Your time alone is just as important as any doctor’s appointment, meeting, or workday. Your free time is meant to recharge you. It gives you time to not only recharge your batteries, but to think about yourself for once.

Find at least one hour in a day to do something for you, whether it be reading a book, taking a walk, or getting a massage. Do something that you have always wanted to do, or the things that make you most comfortable.

Lastly: Make sure this free time is specifically for you

Do not think about what you need to do after your free time, or the next day. Think about what makes you happy and successful. And seriously, enjoy it.

World Cup Bringing The World Together


        Whether you are glued to the television, or sitting in the stands, the World Cup means that for one month you will notice a large difference where you live. This difference? Peace

The FIFA World Cup, usually known as the World Cup, is an international football competition contested by the men’s national teams. The championship was founded in 1930 and has been awarded every four years, except in 1942 and 1946 due to the Second Word War.

The current champions are Spain, who won the tournament back in 2010, which took place in South Africa, although, Brazil has proven to be the most successful team in FIFA World Cup History, having won 5 champion titles.

Not only is the World Cup a match to see who is the best, but also it shows that sports can bring nations together, all throughout the world. The World Cup not only brings together 11 players from one nation as a team, and not just the county supporting them; it brings together the world.

 Soccer consists of this… “Two 45 minute halves” There are no commercial breaks and definitely no time-outs. But above all, it consists of countries putting aside their differences and uniting as one, in hopes that their team will win!

 Nationalism truly does exist after all.