One More Day!


One more day till I can finally go home and do absolutely nothing. Fall Break is finally here and I am more than excited to go home to my wonderful family, and finally get the relaxation I have needed since the beginning of my final year of college.

If I want to sleep all day..I will do it.

If I want to go shopping..I will do it!

Spend time with my family! Ill do it.

Fall Break comes at the most perfect time. It is right after midterms, when studying becomes your life, and you can finally drop your pencils and your books and give it a rest for a while. It is the perfect time to re charge your batteries for the remainder of the semester.

I am bringing a friend of mine home with me for break so she can see what good ole Maryland has to offer. I will take her into DC, Georgetown, and Baltimore and hope to show her a good time. For any of you who live in the area, I would love to hear some ideas on where to take her!

I am not much of a tour guide so the more help the better! Hope you all enjoy your fall breaks!

Fall is Here!


The leaves are changing, the temperature (other than this weekend) is getting colder, and the boots are coming out!


My favorite season of the year is here, and I couldn’t be happier. 

Out of all the seasons, I believe that fall is the most beautiful. The irony of the changing of the leaves to the beautiful reds and oranges only lets us see their true beauty right before they fall off for the cold winter.


Not only that, but fall is the perfect mixture of cool and warm weather. Sweaters with light jackets are an ultimate go to for myself along with, well, every other girl. 

Fall is definitely the perfect weather for sweaters. Sweaters, and boots. Boots and sweaters. Perfection. 

Fall is also the season of PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Don’t lie. You love the smell, taste, and overall feeling you get when you are around anything pumpkin. I enjoy pumpkin muffins, pies, donuts, coffee, candles, and so much more. You name it, I love it. 

Come on people, how can you not love the colors of fall. One day I want to walk down a quiet abandoned road, surrounding by trees, and just take in the beauty that is mother nature. Fall is so peaceful. And who doesn’t love jumping in a nice HUGE leaf pile. Its a great opportunity for you to act like a kid again. 


Don’t forget that one of the best holidays is in the fall. Halloween is the perfect time for you to be anybody, or anything you want without worrying what people think about you. Its a time where eating too much candy, and running around trick-or-treating, even if you are too old, is much necessary. 


Who loves a good fire? Back home we have this awesome fire place where we crowd around and roast marshmallows all night long. 





Boy do I love me some turkey and mashed potatoes. I love when my family can get together and do the things that we love the most. EAT food. 

Above that, its not just about the food, its a time when we all can really be there, and enjoy each others company. We can finally forget about the troubles and stress of reality, and be care free. The only stress I feel is being too full and struggling a bit 😉 

If this doesn’t sell you on loving fall the most, then I don’t know what will. Fall is beautiful, peaceful, fun, happy. It is all the above. It is everything that I could ask for in a season, and so much more. Fall is my happy place.