Are Cell Phones Bad For You?


This morning I woke up to my cell phone alarm going off right in my face. My cell phone was connected to my charger which was connected to my computer..which was also, very close to my face.

I thought to myself, it probably is really unhealthy that I am so close to things like my cell phone and computer throughout all hours of the night. Then I looked into it and found that the amount of radiation in our phones should be lowered because it is exposing us to way too much of it.

Maybe it is not that the radiation levels in our phones need to be lowered, but that we need to stop being on them at all hours of the day. Now, I understand working and having your phone on you. But having it right next to you while you are sleeping at night could cause health problems in the long run.

Not only that, but cell phones and media have caused many relationships to have issues. Is a cell phone truly the only way that we can maintain relationships now a days? So much that when you come face to face with a person and you do not know what to talk about.

If it weren’t for social media, cell phones, and technology, many people would not have the pleasure of ever meeting, so it does go to show that they are important in some ways. On the other hand, when cell phones take up any conversation you can possibly had, thats when you know there is something wrong.

Speaking from personal experience, I constantly find myself buried in my phone and the people around me get very angry. I have grown up in the age of technology and sometimes its the most casual thing that I can fall back on. I pull my phone out during awkward conversations, I pull it out to get through a class, and I pull it out to type in a question on google, because lord knows I cannot actually ask a real human being.

We have become so used to technology that we have forgotten what real life communication is. I believe that, yes, cell phones and media, have really come a long way and it shows lots of promise for the future. But, in the future will we just be a bunch of robots who are charged every night?



What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you? I feel like the embarrassing moments in our lives are truly the most important and memorable things that could ever happen to us. How did you react to that embarrassing moment? Did you crawl into a ball in the dark and hide from the fear of being laughed at..or even worse..laughing at yourself? Here are short and sweet words of wisdom…NOBODY CARES… so why should you?

You trip and fall in front of your crush…stand up, laugh at yourself, and keep on flirting! He will probably laugh, but in 5 minutes he will be thinking about something else. In my opinion, the quirkiest people are the most adorable.

One time my boyfriend and I were walking down the front steps of his house at school. The coupled of days before that it had been snowing like crazy, and it was very icy outside. We were joking around in our normal fashion when WHAM! Down he went, on the ground. The cold, wet, snowy ground.

Instead of getting stand offish and all embarrassed he cracked up at himself like the dork that he is. I didn’t tell him this, but i really loved that moment. He took something that could have been really embarrassing and turned it into a great story to tell our friends.

Thats the things. Laughter is so beautiful. Embarrassing moments are made for laughter.

Truth be told, everyone has been through at least one embarrassing moment. Even movie stars.

Who reading this post remembers when Jennifer Lawrence face planted before she even made it on the stage to accept her award at the 2013 Oscars? As well as winning best actress, she should have won “best fall” because she owned every single second of it. That is why so many people adore her. Because she can turn a truly embarrassing moment, in front of millions of people, into more of a reason to love her.

Seeeeee….even Jennifer Lawrence, who so many people look up to for her flawless beauty has some questionable and hilarious moments. But she has remained to rock them.

Own those embarrassing moments people, that is all I ask.

We all deserve a good laugh!