Does anyone have anything positive to share anymore? Lately, scrolling through my Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is a collection of miserably destructive stories and negative statuses. Letting go of negative tension and exuding positivity is something every human being can work on, including myself. Being mad at the world, at your friends and family, at your job or boss, or at your significant other just leads to vibes that don’t allow you to move forward in life. You might feel like the world is coming down on you and the pressure you feel on your back is almost unbearable, but if you just LET GO of those things and CHOOSE to be positive, good things will come to you.

There was one day where Matt and I had just moved into our new house and stress levels were, what had felt like, BEYOND what I could handle. If you have moved out, you know the kind of stress I am talking about. There is mess everywhere, you don’t know where anything is, and you feel like you have so much to do. Let’s back up a little bit…When we were moving out of our apartment and packing up our truck, I was packing the boxes, and Matt and his best friend Casey were carrying the boxes and packing them in the truck. That was my first mistake, letting these guys pack the truck. For me, packing a truck was like a game of Tetris. Matt and Casey assured me that everything was going to be fine. We pull up to the house and park the truck. We decided that we wanted to unpack the next day. Matt goes to work and I wanted to get a head start on unpacking. So I go to open the back of the truck and the door is STUCK! Boxes and furniture must have been wedged against the door, due to Matt and Casey’s lovely packing job. I think Matt and I had already gotten into a fight that morning, so I just freak out. I can’t get anything out of this damn truck! I call my dad out for some help, and after many attempts of safely trying to pry the door open, I just decide to start rocking the door back and forth. I get the door open, but in the process, I damaged my favorite full length mirror that I had bought from World Market. PISSED. I start screaming and cursing Matt’s name. I was so mad!! Once I start pulling out boxes, I see my new desk (also from World Market) had collapsed. The legs had snapped off, and the table top was bowing in the middle. Maybe it was because Matt had packed 300 pounds of boxes on top of the table without any support. Again, furious. (Just writing about this story is making my heart race.)

Matt wasn’t coming home for a couple of hours and I had convinced myself that I was going rip him a new one when he got home. I cried and told my dad how upset I was and how I was going to react. He says to me, “What is that going to do?” What good was it going to do for Matt getting an ear full of high pitch screaming? It was just going to go in one ear and out the other anyway!? After having a couple hours to calm down, Matt pulls up. He walks inside and I give him a kiss for coming home and say “Hey baby, how was your day?” I told him that I had a surprise for him and I wanted to show him something. I walk him out to the truck and I say, “It makes me sad that my mirror and my desk are completely broken, but I am not going to let this ruin our day. Could you please just do a better job and come up with a plan before you throw everything into the truck?” He gave me a kiss and apologized. I felt better instantly. I wasn’t mad anymore. A little bummed. But not mad.

We had a couple things to do so we ran out to do some errands for the day together. After talking with Matt, I had positive vibes exuding from my body and felt great! We go to mattress discounters because we needed a mattress for our new king size bed. We walk in to the empty showroom and meet the sales rep. I give him a big smile and a firm handshake and let him know why we are there! Matt and I were having fun trying out all the different mattresses and finally settled on one. It was pretty pricey but I was feeling great so I told the guy that we wanted it cheaper. I told him I was a designer and asked if they had any sale promotions for designers. Long story short, we got the mattress $800 less than asking price. That was a great start to our errand trip. Then I decided I wanted to go to World Market to see if they had any desks that would replace mine. We walked around the store and see the same desk, except this one was perfectly straight and upright! I asked the manager what I could do about my desk, and he said if you just bring in the parts of the desk, we will replace it! I couldn’t believe it! I could have my desk back…We left and drove back home to get the fragmented desk and quickly exchanged it. I was so impressed with myself and how lucky I was that day. Matt and I were feeling so lucky that we bought a scratch off and won $10. I know it’s not much but it made us laugh…

Throughout the rest of the day, I was so mesmerized with the fact that I had such a great day just because I chose to. I chose to have a positive attitude and look how my day turned out.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.
-Willie Nelson

Jessica Calkins

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