Many people have the misconception that having an interior designer is a luxury that is only available to those with extra cash. However, what people don’t realize is that an interior designer will save you time, money, and mistakes made on projects within their home.Check out my reasons why to hire an interior designer!

SAVE TIME| A remodeling project requires an enormous amount of detail and logistics that require coordination and management. An interior designer takes on the “mental aguish factor” that comes with overseeing these processes.

SAVE MONEY| With the knowledge that interior designers acquire over years of experience, they can make educated and evidence-based decisions on materials and installation processes, to make sure that your design is executed right the first time. Those who take it upon themselves to design, end up wasting money on products that aren’t durable or great quality.

PROFESSIONAL ANALYSIS| Interior designers will give their clients detailed examinations of their space including space planning, knowledge of materials, systems and products, and more.

COUNTLESS RESOURCES| As Interior Designers, they have access to “Trade Only Showrooms.” This means that countless, one-of-a-kind, materials are available to us only as Design Professionals.

BUDGET MANAGEMENT| Once a designer determine your wants, desires and needs, they will weigh your needs against your projected budget. They will give you estimates for the cost of products, materials, shipping, delivery, freight, installation, to make sure you all the pieces fit within your budget, before you start ordering any materials.


Jessica Calkins



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