Floppy Hoppy Hats


 Hats are always a great way to make an outfit come together. I love wearing floppy hats, as well as beanies during the fall because they can really dress and outfit up or hide a really terrible hair day. Either way, they are a great way to make you feel confident on a great fall day. My personal favorite is a cute beanie with a leather jacket and booties, but I definitely have my fair share of floppy hats as well, it just depends on the look I am going for. Lately I have been quite adventurous and have been wearing my cute floppy burgundy hat around town, and I absolutely love it! I think that everyone can pull off a cute hat or a rocking beanie, no matter what style they are into.

Many cute beanies are sold at Urban Outfitters or American Eagle, where I mostly get mine.

Many floppy hats are also big at Madewell, Nordstroms, and JCrew. They are all must haves for the fall and winter!

I know when I go home for Thanksgiving Break I will be sporting those bad boys all week long 🙂




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