10544386_10152228362021561_372905317014847676_nWhen I was born, I was lucky enough to be blessed with two older sisters to always take care of me. My one sister, Lindsey, is exactly ten years older than me, and the other, Nicole, is 13 years older than me. We are spread out in age, but you would never know that by the way we act.

I know it sounds cheesy when you pull the whole, “my sisters are my best friends” quote…but these two girls know me more than anybody in the world.

They have been there through my first heartbreak (in 7th grade when Nick Jonas started dating Miley Cyrus…yes I loved Nick Jonas), running for Vice President in middle school, girl drama, and all the other things a girl goes through growing up.

I know my sisters were always there as a shoulder to cry on while growing up, but even better than that, they were there to toughen me up. We are sort of a tough love family, so through all the punches, and sarcastic comments, I somehow was able to roll with the punches of mean girls and high school once I finally got there. And if I were to ever have a rough day, I sure as hell knew they would be there to kick some booty!

They also taught me about the crazy world of girls. Not only did I learn from their silly mistakes, but my sisters showed me how to mature appropriately and be the person that I am today. I walked into the first day of high school fully aware of what I was getting myself into. They always made me strongly believe in who I was and to never second guess my judgements, and I thank them for that.

My sisters set me up for a wonderful four years of high school. They warned me of certain teachers, and who to suck up to, and helped me to have a very successful time. I loved walking down the hallway and hearing the teachers say, “Oh thats an Adam girl” and “You wouldn’t believe the things your sisters used to do!”. They definitely left their mark and really made an impression on the people around them. But that is no surprise, if you know these girls like I do.

The bond between sisters is a very unique one. It is hard to define, because it is a mixture of love, care, concern, annoyance, frowns, smiles, and laughter. I have always been both of my sisters number one fan. They have continued to be my role models, for so many different reasons, but mostly because they taught me how to have a backbone. They taught me to never let anybody walk all over me, and to always stick up for what I believed in, and for that, I thank them.

No matter where I end up in life, I will always look back to the amazing childhood I had, with the most amazing siblings. Sometimes I think that they know me more than I know myself.

My sisters are, and forever will remain my best friends!




One thought on “Sisters

  1. I love you so much Haley and am proud of you every day. If I helped you make one less bad decision in your life then my job is done. You are a strong beautiful intelligent caring independent woman and I am so lucky to have been a part of that. A part of you. I love you so much.

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