Salt Salt Salt Salt

42a66d37a4e26c3cb685491ea429a8ecFor many of you who do not know me, I am a major salt addict. Anything salty I am absolutely in love with. Lately I have been obsessing over the Lays Original Potato Chips and I cannot stop! Everyone has that one thing that they can’t not eat no matter how bad it is for you.

One of my roommates loves everything sour! Whenever her mom comes up to visit she always brings a bag of sour yummy’s and by the next week they will have all been eaten. Nobody is above treats! It is absolutely not possible.

So yes, you probably get the gist that this is a confession: I am a salt addict, and I cannot help it. I should probably be on one of those True Life reality shows because I am a loon when it comes to all things SALTY! Even my personality can be a little bit salty sometimes.

True Life: Haley is a salt addict! It is my one guilty pleasure and I will own it. I mean, come on. Everyone has that one thing that they love so much. When I am sad, I eat salty things. When I am happy, bring on the salty! Confused? Potato chips!

Alright now I am just sounding crazy. But what can I say, I am crazy for some salt. Yikes.

What is your guilty food pleasure that you just cannot get enough of? Do tell!!!!!!

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