Dream Job


Growing up, every little kid has their ultimate dream job of being a police officer and saving lives or in my case, being a princess and living in a castle. Every time my family ordered out from the local chinese food restaurant we each would open our fortune cookies together. My dad would always read mine because I had yet to learn how to read. Each time he read my fortune, it was always the same.

“You will be a beautiful princess and live in a huge castle”

Every time.

Finally, when I learned how to read for myself, I had the opportunity to read my own fortune cookie. Everyone lingered around to see my reaction when I read

“The fortune you seek is in the next cookie!!”

I mean really…come on. That is the ultimate buzz kill. Here I was walking around school like the ultimate diva because my fortune cookie said I was going to be a princess, and little did I know my dad was joshing me the whole entire time!

Kidding, I was not that bad…maybe.

But back to the point. Everyone has this dream job and some of those dream jobs, like man, are not as accessible as most. Now, my dream is to do PR for a non profit dealing with children, and somehow, make someones life a little brighter. I have always had this idea that if I can help other people, then I truly have lived my life to the fullest. Now that I am 21, I can finally pursue this dream, and I am just freaking out.

A good freaking out, obviously, but seriously..growing up is insane! Sometimes I wish I could go back to being 5 and wearing my tiara and bossing my family around because I was the princess of the house. Now, I have responsibilities and school and the thought of graduation is crazy to me. It all has become so surreal, and I cannot believe how the time did fly. Can’t we just slow it all down and be a little more carefree? I wish.

I will fulfill my dream one day, whether it be tomorrow, a month from now, or years from now. My dream of being a princess, and a PR agent on the side. LOL

Keep that dream alive, and always strive to pursue what you want so that in the end you are happy.

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