Its Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday and that means it is HUMP DAY! Hump day are finally halfway through the week and getting closer to the weekend! Wednesday’s are awesome for me here at Wilkes because I usually have a pretty low key day in terms of work load and places to be. I get up and go to my hour and forty five minute ceramics class, and then a couple hours later I head to my feature writing class. Both of these classes, although very different, are probably my two favorite classes this semester.

Ceramics allows me to get dirty and get creative with my hands while feature writing gives me the chance to get my thoughts out on paper. There are so many times that I find myself with so many ideas, but I never want to say them aloud. Instead, I write them down on paper, or on this blog, because it gives me a sense of protection from other peoples thoughts.

Wednesdays always give me a little hope for the remainder of the week. I know that once Wednesday comes, I will be able to push through the rest of the days. I got this far so what is stopping me?


Bring it on Thursday because I cannot wait for Friday to get here!

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