When Penn State Wins, You Win!


Wanna know something really awesome?

When Penn State football wins a game, all the Dunkin Donuts fans win too. Free coffee every game winner.

Dunkin Donuts of Central and Northeastern Pennsylvania has formed a new partnership with Penn State athletics as the “preferred” coffee  of the Nittany Lions.

The Nittany Lions run on Dunkin!

The ultimate tailgate package that is provided at many different dunkin donuts around the region include Penn State themed hot and iced beverages cups, donut boxes, a themed Box-O-Joe, the official Penn State Pride Donut, and Penn State themed gift cards.

On top of that, Dunkin has created a game related program for the fans, where when Penn State wins, each fan can download the app, and go to the nearest Dunkin and get a free medium hot or iced coffee!

Fans can download the app here!


For more information go to http://www.DunkinDonuts.com and


Today I woke up in the morning and I got my free iced coffee… I run on Dunkin:)

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