Throwback Thursday!


About six years ago, back in high school, I was a part of this Chambers group that would sing a bunch of different pieces for our school and the surrounding community. Chambers counted as a class period, and it always seemed to be my favorite part of the day. We would meet every day and try and perfect all these different pieces.

My sophomore year of high school we were invited to travel to Italy to sing in a bunch of different churches in the smaller towns.

We were so excited to go to Italy, so we wanted to learn all new songs. We perfected these songs over the 4 months before we left for Italy. I remember my favorite song was actually in italian, so it was really cool that we were singing it where the beautiful language comes from. The song was called “Il Bianco”. It had the most beautiful sound and I loved how the sopranos and altos sounded together throughout the song.

Finally the time came where he had to pack and get ready for Italy. We would be there for a week and a half, leaving two traveling days. We needed to pack a lot of clothes for all that we were doing. As well as our performances, we were sightseeing every day and hitting the most famous places of Italy. Rome was going to be our first stop so there was definitely a lot to see.


We were traveling there over spring break so it was still a bit chilly in Italy. Like the United States, Italy is similar in weather throughout the different seasons.

I, of course, overpacked, but I believe that options are the best. My suitcase was under 50 pounds so I was a happy girl.

When we got to Italy, I felt like I was in such culture shock. Growing up in the culture that  i have has not prepared me for a culture as rich as Italy’s. So many things were different. History was everywhere, surrounding everyone. The language was so beautiful as well.

I feel that here we are always in a hurry. We never take a moment to take a breath and let our surroundings just sink in. In Italy, I felt like everyone was so carefree and enjoyed the company of those around them. You could tell that the group I was traveling with was always in a hurry and frantic to keep up with the tour guide, and get to the next sight. We definitely were not able to fully understand and appreciate our surroundings because we were always in a hurry.

Once we left Rome and traveled to smaller towns like Gallicano, and Montecchitini, we were able to slow it down, and explore the town on our own. I like to get lost in places I have never been, so this was very exciting for me. We met people from the towns and were able to at least try and communicate with them. The language barrier made it a little difficult but we were able to make some friends throughout our experience.


Other than this time I have traveled to Italy, I have been there two other times. One to sing again, and the other to play soccer. I know that eventually I would like to get over there again, but I would like to stay much longer, so I can truly appreciate the European culture.

I believe that there would be a lot of less stress in the United States if people would just sit back and try and relax every once in a while.

So many memories were made on these trips and I cannot wait to go back.

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