College…Forever Friendships


Summer before freshman year of college was definitely very stressful. It was the first time I was going to be away from my, rather large, family for a long period of time, and I was not sure that I was quite ready for something like that.

On top of that, I had to be mentally and physically ready for the preseason that I would endure for the soccer team. There were series of fitness and skills tests that determined your playing time and how important you would be for the team. I was definitely stressed about that because I wanted so badly to do well.


Priscilla and I in London

Aside from those two fears, I was very nervous about who my roommate would be. Would she be crazy? Strange? Mean? Want nothing to do with me? Would we be so awful for each other and want to transfer by second semester? I was so nervous! I remember when my coach emailed me and told me her name, I went right to Facebook and looked her up. “She seems really normal” I thought to myself. It also helped a lot that she was on the soccer team with me and we would be having close to the same schedules every day.


The five of us together freshman year

I remember the exact words from my coach in one of his emails to me before getting to school. He said, “I know that you and Kir will remain friends until senior year and out of college. You guys are really good for each other.”


Roomie, Kirsten and I

I got to my dorm the day of move in and I had noticed that Kir had already picked her side of the room and was settled in already. Her family was there with her, and I could tell she was also in the same place I was…scared but so excited. We ran right up to each other, gave our hugs, and settled right in. Not to mention, we had two other girls from the soccer team right across the hall from us.


Katie and I in Italy!

Priscilla and Katie were both freshman as well. Priscilla was nervous at first, and a bit shy, while Katie was her bubbly self. Priscilla had these dark features and the most beautiful curly long hair. I was envious. Katie was this cute blonde haired blue eyes beauty with the nicest of personalities. I could tell right there that the four of us would be the best of friends.


Across the hall roomies freshman year!

Unfortunately, another one of the freshman, Ali, was not able to get a dorm in the same building as us, but she was nearby. Ali was another one who was quiet at first, but she warmed up quick with our lively bunch. Ali was basically Katie and Priscillas roommate because she was over all the time. Our rooms were so big that we had couches, and she would always sleep on it when we went out.


The four of us in Italy!

I could tell, just from our first week at preseason that these girls were the real deal. They have remained my closest friends, and now we are in our senior year of college, living on the same street, and in a house. We have had a few bumps in the road, of course, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Embrace A Child Gala, Freshman Year

College is about meeting new people, stepping out of your contort zone, and learning. These girls have made this huge step in my life so completely wonderful. I am so glad that I met them.


Ali and I sophomore year!

We will forever remain the Sulli Sisters.


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