21st Random Act of Kindness

You make my world sparlke

YOU make my world a better place to live…

Do not wait, tomorrow it not guaranteed.

Today be bold and courageous and tell the people you love, that they are the sparkle in your world.

WE often do not communicate to the people we l o v e the most just what they mean to us, we figure they already know.

WE often take them for granted.

WE often lash out at them first.

WE often forget everyone needs to know they are loved, really loved.

But, most of all of, we are most silent when annoyed by these people…

It does not matter if they are your children, parents, friends, husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. These are the people that need to hear this sometimes, because they are the ones that will “have your back”, “love you the most”, and “will always be there”!

So today, spread the l o v e…

Share your sparkle…

Tell them they are special.

Fall C a n n o t Come S o o n Enough

 I don’t know about all of you, but I cannot wait for the fall season to come! Not only is it not too cold, and of course, not too hot…but the colors are absolutely beautiful. 

Fall fashion, in my opinion, is the best. You are at that in between mode where you can  switch it up with layers. Shorts and a sweater, jeans and a long sleeve shirt, boots, leggings…and best of all, no puffy jackets. My favorite things to wear are oversized sweaters because not only are they super conformable, but they are really adorable, and can be dressed up or dressed down. 

You can take a simple sweater and dress it up by putting on some black skinny jeans, heels, and a statement necklace. For a completely different occasion, you can take that same sweater, and pair it with some leggings and ked sneakers for a more conformable look! 

Here are some examples to show you exactly what I mean!

In this first picture we have a girl wearing some leggings with an oversized sweater for a more casual look. As you can see, the outfit is still adorable but completely comfortable. 


In the next picture, you will see a sweater that is close to the same style as the one above, dressed up with some leather leggings, and some booties! I absolutely love this sassy yet comfortable outfit for a night out with the girls. 


Both of these pictures were provided from interest under “fall fashion”. 

20th Act of Kindness


 Today, while I was on my way home from my annual appointment at the dermatologist with my mom, we decided to indulge ourselves with some McDonalds snack wraps, fries, and cokes. I was seriously craving some salty fries today. So bad, but so good. Don’t judge me… 

Anyway, as we were stuffing our faces at a red light, we noticed a young boy, probably 20, standing on the median, with a sign for an animal rescue shelter that was raising money and awareness. Being the animal lover that I am, I quickly went into my wallet and pulled out a couple bucks for the kid. He ran up to the car and gave us a quick lowdown of the foundation he was a part of, and then we got to talking about our animals that we rescued. 

My cat, Taz, was found on the streets of Baltimore as a kitten. When he was found, his face was covered in duck tape. Apparently some young boys tried to suffocate Taz by wrapping his face. You can tell that the tape was on for a long time because his whiskers are all bent and crooked. 

The thing that makes me so sad is that these kids were probably able to do this to him very easily because he is so trusting. He will jump into anybodies lap, roll over, and fall asleep. Its just how he is…I do not understand how people can be so cruel to such beautiful animals. 

Taz is this crazy cat, with a bunch of energy. We lost our other cat “Orange Kitty” (don’t laugh at his name, we love it) a couple years because to cancer and it really took us a while to want another cat. My family, like any other, gets super attached to their animals, and when we lose them, its like losing a member of the family. Taz has definitely been a blessing in disguise because he is so rambunctious and wild, but so sweet at the same time. We had such a hard time figuring out what his name would be, because we couldn’t all agree on something that perfectly fit his personality. Finally, we picked “Taz” which is short for Tasmanian Devil”. 

Any who, let me get back on track here…. So the kid was rambling on and on about the foundation and as he was talking I noticed the other, young boy, standing behind him, holding a sign stating that he was homeless and needed money.

This sign was different though. 

He said he needed some money so he could buy himself a suit. A suit for an interview. You see, he didn’t want people to just hand him money. He wanted to be able to be successful on his own, he just needed a little push. I quickly grabbed some money out of my purse, again, and yelled for him to come over! He was surprised, I am sure, because it took me so long to notice him. 

This kid seemed determined to better his living conditions, so I was determined to help. I know that I only gave him a couple dollars, but maybe it was the push necessary to get him in the right direction. 

A little can most definitely go a long way.

Ps. Here is a picture of Taz and me!



19th Act of Kindness

19th act


Like I said before, even the smallest things count.

My friend Sam Calkins, and daughter of Laurie Calkins (my boss!) just started a new job at a restaurant in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, as a PR floor manager. She is awesome when it comes to dealing with people, so I am really excited for her with this new environment.

Today, as she was arriving at work, she bumped into a couple of the girls that she works with. They were all walking into the restaurant when a couple of the girls noticed that the usual guy who dropped off the beer and alcohol dropped all of it everywhere. He was scrambling to pick it all up, so they ran over to help him.

As you can see in the picture, these girls are in dresses, and they were over there heavy lifting for this guy. Sam caught it on camera and sent me the picture right away, because she felt that this act of kindness should not go unnoticed.

I am sure that the guy truly appreciated that they helped him, and his day got just a little bit better 🙂

Obviously they didn’t have to help him, but they felt it was the right thing to do. They went out of their way to help a random stranger, and that is just awesome!

YOU GO GIRLS, you deserve a pat on the back.

Laughter is The Best Remedy!

I was clicking through a bunch of the pictures taken from my sisters wedding last week and I couldn’t help but smile when I came across this picture of the wedding party. The photographer asked us to be silly, and from the looks of it, we had a blast. 

Laughter really is contagious. You see someone who is extremely happy and you cannot help but join in. 

I look at this picture and smile, because not only was a beautiful memory captured, but it really goes to show how important laughter is. 10403638_10101739561556647_3030907591696451872_n

Say nice things… People notice…





I just got back from the Dominican Republic with my wonderful family and friends. We went to celebrate my sisters wedding, but we turned it into a little vacation, spanning from Tuesday the 12th to Sunday the 17th. 

When I say that I had the time of my life, I really mean it. 

This place was absolutely gorgeous. We stayed in the Paradisus Palma Real Golf and Spa Resort. It definitely had more of a family feel to it, but it was just what we all needed. Our relaxing days on the beach turned into sleepless nights, dancing and having a blast. Lots of the days consisted of laying on the beach and drinking in the pool. 

The ages ranged from about 13 years old to late 50’s, but everybody always stuck together! 

The wedding took place at a restaurant called the Jellyfish, which was a couple miles down the road from the actual resort that we stayed at. My sister wanted it to be more remote and away from all the clutter clatter of everything taking place at the resort. 

BOYYYY……. Did she pick a great place or what?!

It was breathtaking. She rented out the whole restaurant, which was right on the beach. The ceremony was on the beach, while dinner was held inside the restaurant. After dinner took place, speeches were given, songs were sung, and love was shared. It was the most beautiful wedding that I have ever seen. 

It is hard to explain how wonderful this past week was. So many memories have been made. From the dancing, to beach soccer, to hilarious jokes, we all remained to have an amazing time. Friendships were made, tears were shared, and vows were given. It is definitely hard getting back to the real world, where I can’t yell “WHO WANTS SOME MAMA JUANA!” everywhere I go. 

I am so happy for my sister and her new husband, because they have a love unlike any I have ever seen. Through the good times, and not so good times, they have remained to love one another more and more every day. 

On top of that, Bare and Me provided each of the Bridesmaids with some druzy earrings to wear for the wedding. They looked absolutely beautiful with the colors of the wedding!

Jellyfish Restaurant

Paradisus Palma Real

10592934_10152205633040064_4486154613463326181_n The dance floor at the Jellyfish!


Dance floor10502497_10204268070689202_5372608819143980810_n 10616395_10204268055448821_597978952382949247_n Wedding ceremony at Jellyfish10616580_10204268070769204_1967545912851518119_n Resort main lobby. Stairs lead down to the pool and beach. 10487339_10101732510891237_192903094251245672_n 10563093_10152205628420064_4321865032410948273_n The pool where we could swim up to the bar. 10603265_10152205632430064_1271871935893297210_nSome hotties at the wedding. 


18th Random Act of Kindness

A whole lot of stuff…

Image 3

A Mama, Daddy, newborn, kids, Grandma and Grandpa with a whole lot of stuff.

We go to the same place everyday at the beach in Rehoboth, DE and we always sit where no one can swim. It is designated for fisherman only. It is smack dab to the entrance of the beach at the very end of the boardwalk on the North side.

We see the same thing everyday. People come and set up not realizing the kids cannot play in the water. The reason they do this is because of a rock wall you can’t see when the tide is high. A place that someone can get hurt if they do not know this. So everyday we go and tell them, “You might want to move”.

We wanted to tell them this before they set the tent, chairs, blankets, toys and just everything else that goes into a beach day with the kids. Boy, I remember those days chasing my little angels around, making sand castles and playing in the water.

Jessica walks over to tell them and she says that the Grandma and Grandpa are coming and that is why they chose this spot so close to the entrance. They were older and walking fifty feet would be hard enough.

We sat there for a little bit an watched as they looked at each other trying to decide what they should do. I could see them start to pack up as I saw the Grandparents start to come down the hill. “Come on kids” I said, “lets help”.

I know how hard it is to just get to the beach with a chair and towel with grown children that can carry their own stuff but imagine a huge tent and everything else.

We helped move them to a different spot and they helped with getting the Grandparents safely to the spot they chose.

A day of fun in the sun ends happily…

BAT CAVE to the Service… Exceptional.

From beginning to end, the best trip ever…

Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas is just one of the most beautiful and jaw-dropping places I have ever travelled to. We arrived in Cabo a little tired because I wanted to use my points on Virgin America to fly. Hey, it is free. If I can fly free or stay for free I’m going to do it or so I thought. We set out from Washington DC, flew to San Francisco and then hopped a jet to Cabo. All in all, a 10-hour trip, longer than a flight to Europe. Maybe next time I will pay to get there a little faster. Washington, DC to Houston to Cabo, 4 hours big difference and you don’t have to fly clear across the Country to get there.

We arrived at SJD Cabos Mexico International Airport late afternoon, went to our rental car company and set off for Capella Pedregal. I have to say, it was my first time going to Mexico and I was a little nervous being American in a foreign Country especially with all of the warnings traveling there. We drove through a very poor part of town and as David was driving I was looking and wondering what the hell are we doing?  It was really depressed, children running in the streets and very different from our world. That was my first impression, which was just ignorant. I am a certifiable idiot on so many levels.

We finally after a 45-minute drive down the coast arrive at Capella and you have to go through a huge gate that leads to a mountain and yes, the entrance is a bat cave. I felt like “batgirl”!  You know when you drive through a mountain to get to your hotel you are in for a treat. I just did not know how much of a treat.

photo-1Entrance to Capella


The “Batcave”

I can see the light and hear the rumblings of our tires as my thoughts are saying I am hungry, tired and just want to rest at this point. It is so bright and all I can see is this circular drive way with a man standing in his cute “Mexican mariachi outfit” holding a tray with some drinks on it. He opens the car door and says, “Hola, Mr. and Mrs. Calkins and immediately I think, how does this man know who we are? What the heck, I felt famous or just very important for a moment. But then I remembered, they asked us for our name when we arrived at the dramatic gate entrance.

He offered us a margarita as we started to walk down this outdoor veranda to the check in desk.



We walked up this beautiful stately entrance to a beyond believable scene of magnificent beauty, I thought I was in a post card. A sweet girl came us to us with a warm welcome and said she was our “personal concierge” for our stay. We walked and talked for about 20 minutes, by the end, she had our dinner reservations, spa treatments and activities planned for our stay.

Whoa, we are famous… This is the type of treatment for movies stars, really famous people, not us. All I can say is they make every single person who walks or drives through these gates feel very important. In fact, I did not want to leave.

She then walked us to our room up small hills and stairs that lead to our own suite, terrace and pool. Yes, I said pool overlooking the vast beautiful ocean that will just captivate you the moment you let your eyes settle. Quite honestly, you cannot move you are so stunned at the beauty of this place.






Just to be able to experience this level of service, beauty beyond belief and just rest and relax after such a long day of travel was heaven, just heaven. Now, sleep.

WE woke up refreshed and ready to go. Run, Breakfast and then the pool. I thought on our second day they would forget about us. They had shown us the royal treatment the day before, they had done their job. We were happy. Before we left for our run, ring ring. It was our girl, the one who greeted us. She wanted to know how our sleep was and if she could do anything, anything at all to make our stay better. This was the first of many daily calls she would make, just to make sure we did not need a thing.





One thing I will warn all of you is, you absolutely cannot swim in this ocean or walk near it. It is a pool only kind of place. I have never in my life seen the power of waves as I did here. It has something to do with the current on that side of the land. Of course, I asked and they told us that the undertow is so bad that the beach is always shut down for swimming. In fact, a man drives around on a four-wheeler to make sure you do not even get near the water. Now, that is danger but of course I don’t listen. I want to run near the water. My husband is screaming at me to stay away, next thing I know the water took me down. The guy is driving up on the four-wheeler fast and I feel and look like a fool, just because I never listen. Uh, I would say listen. Do not be rebellious like me you literally may die.

I guess these kids did not get the memo but I sat behind them for an hour while telling them, do not even think about it. I made them promise me they would not go in. I think they thought I was a stalker. But I was so worried that I could not help myself. A Mother is always a Mother even if they are not your children.



The start to our afternoon with sinful guacamole and this wonderful banana oh so delicious beverage. It was so delicious I had two. I am not really a drinker, so the whole time I was afraid to get up for fear I might fall on someone, in the pool or just make a fool out of myself. I was a little lit to say the least. But we sure did have a wonderful, relaxing day.


The restaurants at this resort our so good you really do not have to leave. Our final night came and we had reserved a table at El Farall an elegant outdoor restaurant tucked at the edge of a cliff. They have a fresh catch menu, every type of steak cut you can imagine and al a Carte sides. You pick your own cut of meat, fish or other delectable’s at the outdoor kitchen where everything is cooked to order. While you are eating dinner, the waves crash along the stone sea wall and yes, you may get some sprinkles, which was fine by me. I could have sat at that table all night staring at the velvety black sky with the shimmering of a million stars overhead. It was the end of a beautiful, magnificent vacation of a lifetime.



I do have to say, I did get sick of everyone tending to my every wish.  You do not think you would but you do. I loved this place so much my husband and I are giving this as a honeymoon gift to our daughter Jessica who will be getting married in September of 2015. The perfect honeymoon spot. You can not go wrong.

And, as far as my smart a lek comment in the beginning about this being a depressed environment, these are the sweetest most genuine people I have ever met. Walking through these towns and just being part of this world was a great experience and one I will never forget.

Pedregal Capella

17th Random Acts of Kindness



With your motto #makeloveaverb you want to buy these t-shirts and spread the good deeds of this Company. It FEELS good. I just cannot explain it but I will try…

Kristin and James walked into my home and I really wanted to find a reason, any reason to say, “oh lord, hold on here, who are you”?  You see, I have known this wonderful girl since she was a child, watched her grow into a beautiful woman and I would even go, as far to say, “she is one of my own”.

Kristin is part of a trio bound by faith, friendship and also known as one of “the 3 musketeers”.  Jessica my daughter, Delaney and Kristin were inseparable for all of junior high and high school. She lived with us, vacationed with us and loved us as we did her. They all went their separate ways for college but have remained and will always remain sisters bound in faith. Friends for life.

We were all standing in the kitchen and James looked me in the eyes and well, said, ” he was in love with Kristin and had asked her to marry him”. He wanted our approval because he knew what she meant to us and what we meant to her.  I was stunned at his candor. I was taken back and at a loss of words. Something that usually never occurs.   All my brain would say to me was, oh dear, isn’t this to soon? They had only been dating for a short period of time.

Now, it was on. I wanted to know everything about this man. He started to tell me the story of him and I could not get enough of this guy. All I kept thinking to myself be, is this guy for real?

A story that will stick with me forever and this is just one of his “random acts of kindness”. He was a successful businessman and worked as a financial planner at JP Morgan Chase and was not finding any satisfaction in his success and was just not happy. He decided he wanted to give up all of his worldly possessions and live as a homeless person, just to see what it was like and how they felt. For TWO YEARS not a day in the life…  At first, I thought James was a nut bag but the more I actually listened to him, the more I wanted to know.  Not because I wanted to find something wrong with him but because he made me want to be a better person with every word. Every time I talk to him, his soul is beaming like a light that cannot be contained. He loves Jesus insanely, bleeds love and sacrifice but he actually lives his life to better the life of others. I could not have handpicked a better guy for her. They are meant for each other.

Clothe Your Neighbor as Yourself

Is a 100% not for profit group that just does good deeds everyday? This can be found on their “Who We Are” page.

On each product page, there is a description of which that specific product benefits. Your purchases empower people across the globe. You provide seamstress jobs to women rescued from the sex trade in India, school uniforms to orphans in Kenya, interview attire to homeless friends, wigs for women affected by cancer, diapers for single parents, and school backpacks for kids living in poverty right here in the USA. This isn’t charity. This is empowerment. How do we do so much as such a small operation? We identify organizations that have big hearts and are already doing well in their field, and then we provide financial backing so we can keep changing the world together! We can proudly say that we use 100% of the profit from your order for those in need. Please consider giving to our cause to keep our operations running.


James, you are an example of what we should all be like…  Keep being a do-gooder…