25th Random Act of Kindness


Okay, so the tone is gonna be spicy today…

We have all have had those moments where you just say to yourself, “what the hell is she thinking”. This picture translates to what a “dumb ass”.

We all have our besti’s in life and I have a few but my absolute favorite is my sister Shelly. We will say whatever it is on our minds and boy have we said this a million times.

Getting to a certain age you just do not have a filter and you just go with the flow. I am one of those people who just stayed within boundaries for so long I forgot how to just let loose sometimes, my Shelly as well.  Sometimes you just have to say “what the f*#%” and just loosen up a bit, go with the flow, say what you think, do what you want, of course, within reason.

WE all look at this picture and can think of specific times and people BUT at least they had the “cojones” to step outside their perfect little lives to live life without regret. I am not sure if this translates to a random act of kindness but sometimes in certain situations humor is the best remedy for life’s bad moments. I hope you have someone who would send you this, because to me it says I love you girl and everyone needs to have a “bad girl” moment.

Perfect people never have any fun, so send this to your besti and tell them I love you no matter what you have done, even if I have to help you hide the body…

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