Kindness Confetti


Like any other day, I was on Pinterest checking out what was new out there. New fashion, new recipe’s… anything.. you name it. I was scrolling through, not really looking for anything when this cute quote flashed across the screen. 

I thought it was fitting that I saw this because, well, our 30 days of Kindness are quickly coming to a close. 

Throw Kindness Around Like


You think to yourself, “Oh I wish it was that easy” but it really is. 

Simple smiles, gestures, I love you’s, hugs, kisses, thank you’s, handshakes. These are all ways of spreading kindness. If we actually lived in a world where happiness could be thrown around like that of confetti, there would be no war, hatred, or disappointment. 

Do me a favor.

Sprinkle a little happiness confetti wherever you go today.

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