22nd Act of Kindness!




Today marks the beginning of my senior year of college. How weird is that? Well, not sure if you guys have caught on yet, but I am a very girly girl. I have too many clothes and shoes, and I never throw anything out. I am a clothes hoarder! EW!

Well as I was packing my things into my car this morning my dad kept yelling, “Oh my god Haley why do you need so many things?” Well….I don’t really know. Its pretty bad. 

Moving On…

So we get to Wilkes Barre about 4 hours later, and the unpacking begins. Again, the amount of clothes I own is insane. 

I am struggling carrying everything up to my door step, and by struggling, I mean…. sweating, panting, gasping for air. A guy walking down the street noticed me, gave a little smirk, and made his way over and asked if he could help. I was like “HELLLLLL YEAAAAA!” 

The guy helped me bring the last of my belongings up to my door, gave me a high five, and went on his way. But wow was he a gentleman. I really appreciated what he did because not many people stop at times like these. They just act like they don’t see you, or they are too busy to help. 

People like that are the ones that make the world a better place

Now all I need is a personal unpacker! LOL 😉

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