DIY Junk Yard Frame: Jewelry Display

The other day, my fiancé and I went on our weekly “Thrify Thursday” shopping spree, in search of some frames for wall art that I am designing for our apartment. We came across this really cool gold frame, with a strip of fabric along the edge! After giving the seller my $3 for a frame that would accompany several others in our framed wall, we drove back quickly to the apartment to begin our project of refinishing and painting. While trying to remove the glass from the frame, the glass cracked! At first, I was upset that my favorite frame had broken and could no longer use it to frame the black and white photo of my fiancé, my yellow lab, Rosie, my kitten, Moe Moe, and I. How could I re-use this glass-less frame?

Why not use this frame to create a DIY Jewelry Display!? A different, unique way to display your favorite statement necklaces and long, carrousel earrings as a beautiful piece of art.

Here is what you will need:

An old frame

Chicken wire

Staple gun, fully loaded with staples

Wire cutters

Optional: Spray paint and sandpaper (if you don’t prefer the original finish of the frame)

Step 1:  Take your sandpaper, and remove the existing finish from the frame.

Step 2:  Spray paint your frame in your desired color. Apply 2 or 3 coats to make sure the paint is even. Tip: Purchase a spray paint that already has a sealant.

Step 3:  Let that beautiful frame dry overnight!

Step 4: Measure the backside of the frame, and cut the chicken wire, carefully! This part takes a lot of time and patience if you are using hand-wire cutters.

Step 5:  Staple gun the chicken wire to the back of the frame!

Step 6:  Take the thicker wire that wrapped packaged the chicken wire together, and create little “S” shaped hooks! This is what you will use to hang your jewelry on.

Hang that beautiful display piece on your wall. Now while you’re not styling your favorite statement necklaces, you can sit and stare at the beautiful jewelry as a piece of art!




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