5th Act of Kindness


On this 5th day of kindness, we wanted to tell you guys a story from the past.

Lucci was found on the side of the road and taken in by “Mutts Matter Rescue” located in Rockville Md. He had lost most of his hair and didn’t have a trusting bone in his body. Laurie and her family heard about Lucci’s story and couldn’t help but take him in and show him a life that he deserved.

The first couple days that the Calkins had Lucci were tough. He barely came out of his crate because he was so scared. He would growl at anybody that would try to pet him, because he never really knew better.

Now Lucci begs to get some love. Whenever someone gets close to him he rolls right onto his back and lays like that until someone gives him a good petting.

Lucci has really come a long way living in the Calkins household. It probably helps that he has two siblings, Miloh, and Ginger! Not only that, but he has a family that spoils him with love!

Mutts Matter Rescue is a non profit. all volunteer based organization, working to help save animals on death row, strays on the street, and or unsafe living conditions. They adopt in the DC, VA, and MD areas.

For a while now, Laurie has helped to spread the news about Mutts Matter Rescue throughout FaceBook, and she hopes that you keep the encouragement alive.

Animals deserve kindness too, so during this thirty days challenge, show some love to the smelly four legged friends of Mutts Matter.


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