2nd Act of Kindness!

IPS GROUP, INC. M5 INDIVIDUAL METERYesterday we wanted to walk up and down Rehoboth Avenue feeding the meters for people that were close to running out of time. We know from experience how irritating it is trying to remember when to run back to your car and feed those DARN THINGS

As we were franticly trying to find a meter that was close enough to running out, we saw this young boy coming to feed his. Laurie…being laurie, took it upon herself to MAKE THIS BOYS DAY! She went on up, and gave him an hours worth of quarters, and man was he all smiles. 

Not sure if he was afraid of us or a shy one, but we totally had a blast helping him out! Check out our video on Laurie’s Bare and Me Youtube Page 

Ps: Remember guys, not only are we telling you our stories, but we most definitely want to hear about yours! 


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